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Living From Your Heart

Cece LaCena digs in fast and deep and taps into awareness that I can’t yet see on my own. The time I have spent with her is always amazing. I wonder why I struggled alone for so long.

~ Mandy

Key Benefits of my Coaching

  1. Increased self confidence
  2. Significantly reduced stress and anxiety
  3. Improved mental clarity, focus, intuition
  4. Greater sense of happiness, wellbeing, inspiration, joy, gratitude and serenity
  5. Having more control over your life
  6. Having clearer vision of where you are headed
  7. Creating better and more fulfilling relationships
  8. Being more creative and productive
  9. Greater sense purpose and improved confidence in decision making
  10. Feeling passionate and fired up about your life

What do you get by investing in yourself?

  • Develop a true resilience to stress and be able to deal with difficult & challenging situations without getting stressed
  • Overcome any mindset or self-worth issues that are holding you back
  • Become the most relaxed and naturally confident person in the room
  • Get that pay rise, find a dream job where you are compensated, respected and challenged or find the courage to reinvent yourself and change career or start a business
  • Be deeply and truly happy for the next 50 years
  • Create your own great ideal version of success & work-life balance
  • Know you’re fulfilling your life’s full potential
  • Have better relationships

Areas that we work on:

  • Mental wellness and ease. Being hard on ourselves is common trait to many of us. That incessant voice in our head keeps the count, and labels almost everything we do, or think, or feel – finding something wrong with it. This inner dialogue and the invisible scrips control our lives. Invisible scripts or limiting beliefs are the inherited values and ideas pre-written by the society, and so deeply imbedded in the culture around us, and in our own consciousness, that we don’t even realize they are guiding our attitudes and behaviours. It is crucial to learn how to mindfully and compassionately release this negative chatter and the grip of invisible scripts to free ourselves from suffering. 
  • Healing the emotional wounds and trauma of the past. Crucial to moving forward is our ability to learn from and move from the past into our future. You’ll learn how to cultivate a broader vision of your experience, and how to overcome the patterns of own thoughts and behaviours that undermine our best interests and conscious intentions – like losing some weight, getting a new job, contain overspending, or finding a fulfilling relationship, only to be disappointed when you again act in the ways that are counter to what’s good for you – like bingeing on half a cake when you are aware of the importance of healthier lifestyle. 
  • Relationships – friends, family, community. No person is an island of itself. Our relationships impact every aspect of our lives – on our health, wellbeing, professional life and happiness. You’ll learn how to cultivate your relationships so they are mutually supportive, inspiring and deeply rewarding. 
  • Uncover your unique dharma or purpose. Dharma is the duty to live the life that only you can live. You will access all of your unique genius, life experience, skills, assets, and resources to become only who YOU can become. And in process become the greatest version of yourself. With it you’ll discover how your purpose contributes to the wellbeing of others in the grand scheme.
  • Physical health. Your physical health supports the capacity of your mind and emotions to joy and interconnectivity. The sages of the old discovered that consciousness in both mind and spirit is wired through physiology. We want to feel at ease in our body, and free from pains and aches and inflammation. We’ll look at the ways you can optimize your day with delicious morning rituals and playful ways to make your body strong, and relaxed for greater balance, ease and flow.
  • Agni (digestive fire in Ayurveda) and overall intestinal health. Gut bacteria produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate fundamental physiological processes as well as mental processes such as learning, memory and mood. For example, gut bacteria manufacture about 95 percent of the body’s supply of serotonin, which influences both mood and digestive activity. In other words, we need the healthy belly to be happy! And we need a strong fire in our belly in order to fall in love with life again.

60 Minute Private Video Call

$170 USD

Are you feeling stuck in a pattern of thinking and feeling? Are you feeling confused about the bigger picture of your life? If you are looking to weave together the greater narative of your life story and link your experiences with your emotional life, then these sessions are for you.

Each session invites you to come as you are , with your messiness and your wholeness. You’ll enter safe and sacred space that is heald just for you as you are guided through an exploration of your relationship with your Self, your emotions and the richenss of your inner life.

This one-on-one mentoring session with Cece LaCena will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to break free of old emotional patterns and compassionately craft the narrative of your life story.

3 Session Package – 60 minutes Private Video Calls

$500 USD

Package your sessions to save a percentage on your total price

90 Day Deep Dive

$1200 USD

A comprehensive growth and transformation is offered through this Deep Dive Transformational One-to-One Package.

This is a full 12 week Journey into healing past trauma, anxiety and pain, and releasing all the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

Inner child healing, guidance, accountability and full weekly support in the safe setting so you can propel past all your obstacles and limitations, and embrace the full flow of life, and KNOW and FEEL that you are deeply supported by the Universe every day.

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What to do next?

Simply fill out the Mentorship Application and Cece will get back to you within 3 working days.

“Cece LaCena embodies the energy of Joy, Love and Passion for Life, and shares it fearlessly. She cuts through the bs and unapologetically insists that you recognize the beauty that’s within you. It’s there. She sees you, hears you, loves you and shines a light so that you can see it within you too. Her warmth and love radiate from her, and you can feel it embrace you even through a video call. I love her and am beginning to love me, and my life too!”


Just imagine!

Just imagine you had someone to mentor you to deeply sort your life out, to take you to the next level!

Someone warm, sympathetic and non-judgmental, friendly and professional, empowering and cheering you on to totally transform your self-perception, dispel your self-limiting beliefs, and become significantly wealthier, healthier and happier, loving your life and loving yourself deeply.

Wouldn’t that be great?! Someone to guide you to create the life you want, to give you the tools to discover your dreams and make them become reality.

If you’d like expert advice, encouragement and support on your journey, then I’m here for you!

I’ll happily be your coach, your guide and mentor on your totally unique path towards a happier and more fulfilled life. A life where you can become the person you are meant to be – strong, resilient, confident, happy, passionate about your day-to-day and your future, and taking inspired and sure steps to move forward with your dream life.

“Having worked with several counselors, therapists and coaches in the past, I can attest with confidence that Cece’s mentoring and coaching was by far the most effective in helping me in my personal and professional journey. She has truly inspired me and opened my eyes! I feel centered, empowered and have found a deep well of passion and inspiration in my heart. I simply love my life now!”

~ Carla

“Cece has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom which makes her an excellent coach.  She will see things that you don’t see and get you to look at them from another perspective. Cece’s coaching was the best value for time and money I have spent.”

~ Linda

90 Day Private Coaching Package

What you’ll get

Initial Assessment

In the initial consultation call I’ll find out more about you, and find out what’s really going on in your life. You’ll also learn more about your own personal Ayurvedic constitution and personality type so that you can begin to have a deeper insight into your being. We will explore what you can do to practically improve your life, and we’ll do some actual coaching exercises. This session is 90 minutes long.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

11 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching calls over Zoom.

Action Plan

Customized homework and reading recommendations to best serve you in reaching your goals


A wide range of powerful and effective coaching tools designed by your coach to use straight away!


Recording of each coaching session to re-watch as often as you’d like.

BONUS Support

BONUS #1: Email support between sessions.

BONUS #2: Priority response for a maximum of 3 x 20min emergency sessions throughout the 12 weeks whenever you need it.

Q: What happens when I APPLY?

A: I read every application thoroughtly. Your soul and your heart will show in your replies. As soon as I am able, within next 3 working days, I will get back to you by email to set a 30 minute call so we can get to know eachother, and you may ask any questions that you have.

Please note that your answers in application form need to be genuine and detailed enough for me to consider working with you. Single-word replies will not be taken in consideration.

Q: What happens when I enroll?

A: As soon as I am notified of your enrollment, I will send you a confirmation email with Initial Packet so that you can prepare yourself for our first Initial Assessment Coaching Call. You will complete your Welcome Packet to tell me your story and open up to transformation.

I will also check with you when is the best time for us to speak on the phone to arrange dates and times of our forthcoming coaching calls.


A: I can guarantee that it will never feel like the “right time” to break out of your comfort zone and begin the journey to your BEST LIFE. It comes down to the decision to do so. I would definitely act now while I’m offering this exclusive offer and limited-time bonuses! Plus I don’t know that this exact offer will be available again. (I tend to change things up!)


A: If you follow the coaching, show up, and put in the work, you can definitely make your investment pay back in dividends! You’ve seen the client stories throughout the page and there’s no reason why you can’t have the same experience or success (if not greater!). The real question is, what’s the cost of you not investing in yourself, discovering your true purpose, and creating a life that brings you joy and abundance? What will it cost you to not receive the help, guidance, support, and coaching?

I work on a personal basis. I’m here to get you clear on exactly how working with me will advance your life.

Fill out the Application Form to schedule your private call with me, and explore how stepping into this mentorship will help you transform your life to unprecedented level.

Cece provided me with exactly what I was looking for in a coach: a safe sounding board, a voice of encouragement and the ability to see things from a new perspective. Some of the very early conversations we had still resonate with me today. Cece is personable, funny and knows how to get to the heart of whatever challenge you face.

~ Jemma

Would you like to become like those other women who worked with me?

It’s your turn to make a choice!