Are you taking any supplements currently?

Are you taking any supplements currently?

The following information may really shock you!

First, let me tell you – It’s fab if you are! It shows that you are: a) keen to look after yourself well

b) keen to do your own research into empowered practices of getting and staying well!

Now, there’s a bit of a snag here too!

As you are already noticing, there are some vital nutrients lacking from your body, hence why you decided to take supplements in the first instance.

BUT – and this is now coming from the sophistication of Ayurveda – the reason that you are deficient in these is not based in the absence of those nutrients from the food that you eat – rather it is because your body is unable to utilize the available nutrients.

The reason for this lack of nourishment is that your digestive fire (agni) isn’t strong enough. In Ayurveda, there is a saying that a person is as old as his or hers agni. It goes on to say that “one lives a long healthy life if it is functioning properly, becomes sick if it is deranged, or dies if this fire is extinguished.”

And that means it is not able to fully utilize those same supplements we’ve already mentioned. In other words you are literally pouring your supplements (and your money!) down the pan!!

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