Holidays & Our Money Story

The Holidays can be wonderful, joyful, emotional, wonderful, stressful, beautiful, intense & peaceful. They can stir up so much! 

There’s so much beauty and so much baggage with the Holiday time.

As we head into Holiday season, we all do different things. Some of us really check out, some of us overeat, overspend, some of us just love the Holidays – it’s just so nurturing for them.

We are all so different!

One of the first things I like to talk about is what is your holiday money story.

Our money story is our patterns, our beliefs, it’s family of origin, lineage, our personality types  and how all of that bumps up against all of the holiday stuff.

Our money story is really just the story that we created – the positive and the negative, and where we are today, and all of our strengths and challenges around our relationship to money.

There’s a money story of Holidays within this money story.

It has its own flavour and identity, all of the family stuff, the good and the bad, and the money part: the exchanges and the gifts – and it also has to do with meaning and what this time really means to us, and what we want it to mean to us

To help me understand my money story, and to help the people I work with understand their  money story, we do a body check-in. Physical, emotional, all the sensations.

Through the body check-in, through the data of the emotions and body sensations that we are receiving,  we are honouring that it (our body) is INTELLIGENT. 

In yoga we have a lot of words for that Intelligence. But to put it simply, we recognise that there’s a higher wisdom that is coming through the vibratory field of our body and our emotions.

And so, by not paying attention we’re dumbing ourselves down and we’re actually dumbing down the Holidays.

And maybe you don’t have to make any changes this holiday season, maybe you’re just watching, and adding as much gentleness as you possibly can to it.

So step into this body check-in frequently over the next few weeks and just receive.  And receive.  And receive.  

So you don’t have to make any changes this Holiday, and  you don’t need to feel anxious or overwhelmed –  it just a check-in. And receive your biorhythms, your body wisdom, and honour that by maybe taking some notes and writing down what makes you uncomfortable.

For instance, as you are thinking about someone and you are going to buy them a gift and then you realise that what you really want to give them cost more than what you feel comfortable with as maybe you had a lean year –  that can bring up a whole slew of emotions, from ‘If I don’t get them this gift they won’t feel I love them’ to just feelings of guilt or sadness that you can’t get them that gift. Or  maybe you’re going to make some traditional food and it’s not resonant anymore, it just doesn’t feel appealing to you anymore.

So do this body check in frequently, as many times as you need to through the day, over the next few weeks, and see what is the money story of your family, your lineage – and see what you would want to change, what you would wanna make different.

Doing this body check-in instead of sleepily going thorough this time – this time that could be and even more beautiful, even more meaningful, and even more connected.

Really understand your emotions, and your physical sensations, just notice what situations bring them up for you.

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