Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have never been really crazy about Christmas. Yea, I know, for many of you out there this may sound like a sacrilege! No offence meant!

Seriously, even as a kid, with all the fuss, and the tinselled tree (which kinda lost its charm for me by the age of 5), and the presents, and food, and even the midnight mass we attended a few times later in my teenage years when we kids were over the moon by being allowed to stay up so late – not to mention the fun when we’d manage to sneak some contraband! (it was probably about 8oz rum and coke shared between 10 of us!)

I’m digressing on fun old memories here 😁

Anyway, as I grew up I learned that the best Christmas for me consisted of staying away from parties and gatherings, and enjoying some relaxing festive time with a small group of friends perhaps, or my fave pure me-time with lots of nature activities, a bit of sherry, red wine or dollop of bailies, and some yummy mince pies to mark the occasion.

My ex and I spent our first Christmas eloping by train to Brighton on Christmas Eve, and staying in a little hotel, enjoying the blustery seaside weather, the absence of crowds and the delicious food in the only open restaurant in town (Indian food, it was fab! The only other place opened was one fish and chips, but we stayed with Indian menu) – anyway that became our tradition for quite a few years.. then we tried a few years of classic Christmas, but after about couple of years reverted back to no fuss festivities in peace and creative endeavour.

So yes, I love Christmas that is not all about the fuss and food and gathering and presents.And I’d like to say to anyone out there who is getting down by social pressure and feels somehow inadequate because they just wanna chill and do whatever they wanna do, or not do – to ignore all those well-wishers who look you with sadness in their eyes should you voice your intention to chill for Xmas, those that make you feel somehow inadequate about your desire to just roll with your own drum beat, and have a fab Christmas that you’ll cherish for the whole year and beyond!

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