Radical Self-Confidence

Radical Self-Confidence, and radical Health and Wellbeing are ONLY possible when we have a Radical Self-Care Routine.

These Daily Habits of self care go beyond the usual recommendation and what our parents taught us – eating 5 portions of veg a day, going to the gym, or jogging or attending classes, taking vitamins and treating ourselves to an occasional massage IS NOT ENOUGH.

When I was growing up,  we ate exceptionally well (in comparison with my friends and neighbours), I was taught how to wash myself, to brush my teeth in circular motion, to visit a dentist regularly, gyno too, and to have a decent hair cut/style, to moisturise and cleanse, keep my nails clean and tidy, and my feet nice and smooth.

I still do these things today. 

But sadly – that was it! These basic acts of self-care were beyond basic really – they were a meagre attempt at trying to look after myself.

Self-care is a LEARNED SKILL.

Much like any other proficiency.

If you wanna play a piano- you go to a good piano teacher.

If you wanted to be a business analyst, a business manager, administrative assistant, work as an IT buff, or an executive or executive assistant – YOU HAD TO LEARN those skills needed.

And so is with radical self-care. 

My own life evolved beyond what I ever imagined when I learned how to incorporate the 10 habits of yoga and Ayurveda into my daily rhythm.

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