Trouble Sleeping?

I love heavy bed covers! I discovered their magic years ago when after buying a light duvet, I’ve spent the night quite restless and had poor sleep.

I did some digging and discovered a correlation between the weight of the bed covers, the quality of sleep, & our parasympathetic nervous system.

PNS, our ‘rest & digest’ system, is responsible for relaxing the body and mind. 

The research today points out that the more we are exposed to touch, the less stress we come to experience. This is vitally important for babies and children. Some hospitals in the US actually have volunteers covering the need for 24 hour skin-to-skin contact for the premature babies, leading to much better survival and growth rates. Traditionally also, babies have been swaddled across the world, to keep them feeling happy and safe.

We mustn’t forget that although we might have had a few decades behind us now, each one is still as vulnerable as that newborn deep inside us. Thankfully!

We relax when drawn into a tight embrace, and nourishing weight of bed covers on top of our body impacts our PNS, relaxing the body and mind – both vital for a good night’s rest!

A simple act of layering the bed covers until you get that desired weight will work just fine. Or buy a weighted blanket on the web.

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