What is Spirituality?

Spirituality. How much do you see spirituality to be part of your life, your process? Your personal wellbeing , your professional wellbeing, your physical wellbeing, and your relational wellbeing? 

For me, spirituality is at the root of all that I do, and all that I have, give, feel and experience. 

Now, what spirituality looks for me is a practice of daily moment-to-moment gratitude, nurturing  heightened awareness in all that I do – however ordinary. It requires active effort to stay connected to my power source – to my Divine spirit within and without. 

When I lose this connection – and I do, that is just part of being this human – I take deliberate ACTION to detour back into its embrace – it can be as simple as the act of drawing away from the screen and turning toward the sky, marvelling at its magnificence. Or going down to the kitchen and drinking a glass of hot clear water and feeling it hit each cell, one after another. I go for a long walk each day. I do yoga. I meditate frequently through the day. Morning is filled with simple rituals of love for my body, mind and soul. Every day. And my evening routines lead to restful and rejuvenating sleep, so that I wake up early in the morning excited for the day ahead.

I am happy and contented. I am creative and productive. I am patient and calm. And yes,  it takes work. It is based in ACTIONS. 

Health and happiness are the fruits of our own small daily actions. That is what spirituality is. A spiritual being living embodied to its full potential in this world. 

Are you living your full potential?

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