What is your predominant state of mind right now?

Sattva is the state of mind where the mind expands beyond all the daily chatter of worry, stress, chores, and the small stuff. Your ability to concentrate and the ability to shift back into calm state expand. You feel self-confident. You enjoy sound sleep. You have healthy cravings. Your energy is even and sustained through the day. And you sustain even and positive moods.

Rajas is the energy of movement, creativity and change – but when we have too much of Rajasic qualities, you’ll start to notice that you are feeling agitated. Your thoughts race. You may be struggling with falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. You’ll find it difficult to remain still. You may have cravings for spicy food, alcohol, and stimulants, and tend to work too hard.

Tamas is the energy of gravity and physical enjoyment and desire for deep nurturance. When in balance, it brings sound sleep, a healthy desire to rest, and appreciation of creature comforts. However, in excess it causes depression, hopelessness, inactivity and dullness. You may notice feeling hopeless, and experience a brain fog. You may have tendency to oversleeping, and could be craving heavy fried or processed foods.

10 habits of Ayurveda provide you with tools to balance them.

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