What kept you awake last night?

What kept you awake last night?

What thoughts were racing through your brain while you were trying to sleep?

Before I started nurturing myself deeply through daily Ayurvedic self-care practices so as to embody Vibrant Energy and Thrive, I was kept up night after night by this awful feeling of TIME SLIPPING AWAY from me, and me BEING constantly BEHIND. 

I had no time or energy to enjoy my loved ones. Work was just a grind.

And I had NO time for ME. No time to stop and just BE.

This strain was filling me with this deep level of unease that would haunt me into the night – and my sleep never felt nourishing, I woke up tired every day.

Life was not waiting, but I was functioning at only about 30% of my capacity!

It was making me miserable, heavy, lethargic, and hating to get out of bed on more days than I thought acceptable – I was TIRED all the time. My belly was dicky too, and there was tons of bloating and gas. And life was still flying into my face at a speed faster than light! 

I knew something had to change – and that’s when I looked to signing up with a coach who knew how to get me to QUICK RESULTS that I needed.

Does this sound like you?

If so, get in touch. I can help you start feeling more IN CONTROL of YOUR LIFE today!

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