Winter Solstice

It’s almost winter solstice and we’re stepping into the darkest time of the year.

How are you feeling? 

Now is a natural time to crave more sleep, the cozy times at home, and dropping within. 

It’s good to honor that pull inward and allow yourself to get some deeper rest.

As we honor the urge for a bit of hibernation and solitude, we’re helping our body, mind and spirit to replenish and restore. 

The stronger you pulse inward (rest, deep sleep, and reflections) the more you’re able to pulse outward (celebrate, create, connect.)

Turning in helps to repair and strengthen the nervous system, clear and rejuvenate your energy, and connect into the depth of your heart and soul. 

What that looks like could be different for everyone.

You might love the following:

  • getting into bed earlier for cuddles or time to just be
  • going to sleep earlier
  • turning off your screens in the evening / morning
  • reading books or journaling instead of looking at a glowing device
  • taking a bath or sauna
  • sitting in silence
  • lengthening your meditative practice
  • spending quiet time in nature
  • giving yourself a moment or two pause between activities
  • deepening your breath when time feels constricted

On this winter solstice, you may feel called to drop in with some deeper intentions.

To cultivate a sacred container for yourself, you can:

  • Set aside a special time, in a space you won’t be disturbed
  • Burn sage, incense or cedar to cleanse the energy
  • Create an altar with sacred objects, pictures, flowers or elements
  • Light a candle and call in any guides or spirit allies
  • Set intentions on what you’d like to create or experience – reflect, release, pause, drop in, explore the depths of your heart… 

It’s a perfect time to reflect on what’s been and what’s gotten you to this moment. To acknowledge your accomplishments, uncover any lessons learned, and simply sit with what’s present. Deep reflection can offer revelations. 

Another important part of honoring the darkness is to fully embrace all of what’s present, including the hard stuff. By leaning in and even embracing the difficulties, we allow ourselves to feel, process and integrate or transmute.  

Rather than just pushing forward, keeping your head up, ‘letting go’ or moving on, I invite you to surrender into the depth of what’s there. To expand into the feelings that can be uncomfortable. 

Things that we typically want to push aside: fear, loss, sadness, anger, frustration, grief, doubt, loneliness, etc are asking something from us. It may be as simple as sitting with the sensations that these feelings bring up, to allow the energy to move through. 

I’ve been experiencing a lot of sadness lately, and have found that sharing authentically with the people I trust has brought in more support and connection as a way to help me feel better. Surrendering into the sadness, along with upping my self care, is an act of healing. Without processing the emotions or energy, they’ll show up at another time or can contribute to dis-ease and symptoms in the body. 

What we might want to push away or numb from, wants to be brought into the light of our awareness. From the presence of our conscious attention, it becomes integrated into our wholeness.  

The more we’re able to journey into our darkness, the greater we can shine the light from the depths of our hearts. The only way out is through. 

And from that place of deep acceptance, surrender and love you have a zero point center from which to experience the truth of your nature – the luminance of your being! This is the ultimate openness to call forth the prayers from your heart, or set intentions for what you desire to call in as we move into the expanding light into spring. 

If you’d like support, please click here to schedule a time to chat with me. 

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