Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?

Are you living intentionally or are you on constant auto-pilot?
Is your life spinning out as it may while you are not in your driver’s seat?
Are you a subject to other’s pace or are you acting exclusively from your centre, each day?
Are you actively co-creating with the Universe?
Or are you a victim of life’s ups & downs?
Do things just happen to you?

These are hard questions to ponder, granted.

But stepping into realisation and admitting that you are in a victim mode, rather that the Co-Creator mode is a first step to making a change for the better.

Life is desire.
When we become insensitive to our own soul’s desire, we in fact become numb.
We shift into that auto-pilot place, where we are going about our daily life without much excitement or joy.

Joy is our natural state of being, granted to us by our birthright.
It is not conditioned by how good we are, or how good we are at something, or whatever idea your subconscious mind may have to judge your own validity and deservedness to actually experience joy for no specific reason or cause – every day.

Eventually, the discomfort goes deeper – belly bloating, dry/sensitive skin, anxiety, habitual worry, depression or overwhelm, shallow breathing, negative self-talk, unhealthy cravings, niggly pains and aches – or perhaps, if you are further down the line – things like being overweight, or suffering with allergies, intollerances, or ibs/ibd, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes 2, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, MS or ME, heart or circulatory issues like cholesterol etc…

The connection between the mind and the body is now researched far and wide – Including USA, UK, Italy, Israel – at universities like Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Stanford, Harward, Columbia, University of California, University of Pittsburgh, Georgia, and the list goes on.

And the connection between the mind and intentional living is a crucial link in that chain.
From thought – to word – to sustained action, we craft our reality in a simple way – once we set out our intent/sankalpa, and take shrewd steps to make our intent come to realisation.

This is how we co-create with the Universe.
This is how we create our health and wellbeing, our Relationships, our purpose in this world, our each day, our abundance, and our luck.

And although it sounds quite simple and doable, and in fact it IS quite simple and doable – most people DO NOT do it.

It takes Clarity.
It takes GRIT.
It takes Heroism.
It takes Love.
It takes Guidance.

So, upon reading this, you could:

a) close this post, and continue down the auto-pilot route (wishing things were different and ignoring the warning signs)


b) message me here to join us for a free Webinar this coming Saturday (recording will be available after the session, should you miss the opportunity to join us LIVE)

I think you’ll probably recognise that the latter is a choice of a Co-Creator.

We start at 2pm GMT on Saturday 25th January 2020.

Simply reply to this letter now and make a first step from being in ‘Coping’ mode to ‘Thriving’ mode instead.

You will learn:
• How to step out of overwhelm, anxiety, habitual worry and stress
• How to break this pattern of being on auto-pilot
• How to break the cycle leading to suffering and likely disease
• How to create a daily life that fits YOUR needs, even when working for other people, so that you can step into your Power, Joy and Ease, every day

Learn how to be:
• Healthy, Lean and Strong
• Grounded and Steady
• Power in Motion

• How to nourish yourself for your body for your own unique body type
• How to Rise and Shine each day

Join us this Saturday at 2PM from the comfort of your own home.

Simply message me with “YES!” and your email address to which I can send you the link to the Webinar! 

One thought on “Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?

  1. “Co-creating”… with our mind and body, the Universe and our living – Interesting to ponder over.. Thanks for the initiation of this idea into my mind 🙂

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