How do you invest in yourself?

It always surprises me that people don’t bat an eyelid when investing  £6k or even a £24k into a car, but go all funny at the prospect of investing a fraction of that cost into their health!


I mean, there are zillion cars out there, and you can get a brand new model every year if you are so inclined – but with your body – you get only ONE.

Do you ever think of that??

I mean – for real.

Like, do you EVER contemplate what it would be like to get seriously ill, no option to exchange for a brand new model – the only available option before you is further pain and suffering and the inevitable decline into more and greater pain and suffering?

I know, it’s not a cheery thought, for sure. But it is no less of a likely outcome just because you don’t want to really ponder that possibility – while at the same time ignoring all the tiny tell-tale signs – like tiredness, niggly digestive issues, frequent colds or colds that leave you not right for weeks on end (how frequent is frequent, you ask? Have you had one this winter that lasted more than 4 days? Or maybe you already had a couple of shorter ones?). Or perhaps it may be a slight imbalance in hormones, pms, headaches, niggly pains and aches that keep coming back, or any other thing that makes you feel like you are not your 100%.

Or you may just feel lacklustre, dull and uninspired, day after day, or your sleep is leaving you wanting… Things which, even if you went to the doc, may not be diagnosable as such, but you know you are not at your best.

And you may start to think that it is your ‘age’ – after all, everyone around you may be chiming in that same tune! 

I was there once – and when my ex began chiming the ‘age’ tune I soon realised he was on a slippery slope! And me too, by association.

It was easier to chime in with him than to change my tune, to change my actions in fact.

But I did. I changed my life around. It hit me hard this realisation that I have only ONE body, ONE health, and only ONE outcome if I continued to roll in the groove I was in. 

So. I got support that I needed..

I tried it alone before, but I failed. Over and over. Over 25 years of failing to get out of that groove on my own. (I did small shifts, rolled with them for a little while, but then Life would happen, and I’d drop the ball – and it would be another 8 months later that I managed to get back into it! And then after a month or three, I’d slip up again!

I can’t tell you how BAD that made me feel. Frankly, I didn’t realise just how bad it did, until after I got off that hamster wheel once and for all! 25 years on. I felt s*^t about myself – like a total failure- but I could not admit it to myself at the time.

I am so grateful that part of my life is behind me!

So anyway – as I was saying – people will invest stupid money into their cars – but will gasp at the idea of investing into themselves!

I know we are taught to invest into cars, and mortgages, and pensions – and all the other trimmings – but we are not taught to invest into ourselves – and frankly- that is the best investment we can and should make!

After all – without our health and vitality – all the rest is worth to us a big fat 0.

Just ask anyone with a terminal illness and a zillion in the bank – what would they give to get their health back now that it’s too late?!

Would they give all their money, to the last penny to have their health back, you think?

So – what is your health worth to you right now? 

Don’t delay – it is never a ‘right time’ for anything! We make time for our priorities- and if your health and wellbeing isn’t a priority, ask yourself  why is that. Seriously.

For I can tell you – one soul to another – you are worth it! (Just like in that L’Oréal commercial, yes! Only my hair is too short to flick it in that fashion 😘)

So book a time for a free chat with me – my program is bees knees – it covers all the aspects of wellbeing in one simple amazing 5000 years old proven system for longevity and vibrant health!

And if you and I decide that we are not a good fit, and that thus program isn’t a good fit for you, that’s cool too.

You will still get some great coaching with me for free! And isn’t that a boon! People always tell me how beneficial and amazing this session was for them.

Ps if none of the times work for you, then email me and I’ll find the time that works best!

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