How to Stay Sane in these times of COVID-19

I hope you are all starting to settle into this new situation since we’ve moved into social isolation here in the UK.

In fact, I’ve realized the other day that this term is a misnomer – we are NOT in social isolation in fact – we are just in a physical isolation! The social aspect – our connection to others continues as normal as it can be – by phone, social media, and various groups that you may be a part of too.

One thing is certain – in these uncertain times, and the times of great flux – and the times of having much time on our hands now that most of us are not going out to work, working from home when we are unaccustomed to it can cause feelings of strangeness of apparent solitude perhaps; or perhaps you are not working at all……tons of time on your hands….

The mind can get all over the place!
Boredom, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, indecisiveness, lethargy, lack of focus, headaches can all become a very real thing all of a sudden.

And the resulting time on our hands often takes into a cycle of late night Netflix, late to rise, eating stodgy foods, and ending up feeling even more uncomfortable in our minds and hearts…

Not to mention the media blaring horror news just short of the full zombie apocalypse 24/7.

I have spoken to a number of people so far who are worried that they may start to feel really out of sorts after the second week of this imposed ‘holiday’. 

Our mind is directly linked to our daily routines. The doshas and the gunas.

A little bit about the Mind

In Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy, the mind is known as ‘the inner instrument’. The mind experiences, comprehends, and feels. Like the five senses, it is an organ of cognition. Some philosophies state that, because it can sense both the body and consciousness itself, the mind is a bridge between the body and ultimate consciousness, or the soul.

If you dissect a brain looking for the mind, you will not find it. Unlike the physical organ of the brain, the mind is made of subtle energies, rather than the 5 elements. Much like if you studied an ear looking for the sense of hearing, it would be impossible; looking at the hardware of the ear does not reveal the energy that allows the ear to know a sound frequency, to hear.

The anatomy of the mind lies in its different frequencies, or functions. The higher mind comprehends eternal knowledge and universal truths about existence, the middle mind understands sensory experience and emotions, and the lower mind grasps only the physical world.

Much more can be said on this topic of course. But lets keep it simple.

Unhealthy Tendencies of the Mind

Our natural given state, our baseline, is to always feel calm and relaxed, creative, and happier – no matter what circumstance surround us – and that state of mind naturally produces the health in our physical body too.

Our mental anguish and suffering is known as mental ama/toxins, the termused for impurities, or negative tendencies in the mind.

The Ayurvedic sages say that mental ama is produced by:

  • Negative emotions – anger, fear, self-criticism, greed, resentment
  • Psychological stress – family problems, tensions at work, loss of money or job, divorce, death in the family
  • Lethargy; mental inertia
  • Contact with other people’s negativity
  • Violent, crude, or shocking news, bulletins, books, movies or other forms of entertainment

The sight of violence, suffering, or fear triggers the production of unhealthy chemicals in the body, leading to build up of ama in our thoughts, and in our cells and tissues.

How to help yourself help yourself

One of the quickest way out of this downward spiral is to establish a good, grounding routine in your day. And no, that doesn’t mean going to bed routinely at 3:30am lol!!

I talk of a routine that works with the rhythms of the nature, our Earth – and the innate imprint of our DNA and RNA which were both made in the fashion they are because we were equipped to thrive with this rhythms on this Earth.

This is a recommended morning routine that will help you feel calm and clear, and strengthen the immune system:

Rise early 6-8AM
Empty your bowels.
Bathe and tend to your body lovingly.
Balanced Breathing practices.

All this is also great for keeping your lungs nice and clear of mucus too – the biggest worry with the virus!

To help you carve out your routine and stick with it, we are starting with yoga and meditation classes ONLINE TOMORROW MORNING, Tuesday 24th March 9:30 AM GMT. 

I will hold 3 yoga sessions each week
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9:30am GMT over ZOOM conferencing – you can join me on your PC/Mac or phone. Each session will be 30-40 minutes long.

If you can’t join us LIVE, you’ll be able to access the recording at your leisure.

Each session will be  £2, payable in bulk £30 for 5 weeks.
Payments can be made over PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account here

After you paid you’ll be sent a link to Zoom room where you can join me, and each class will be followed by an email containing the recording which will be updated on private page on YouTube. 
None of the participants will be captured on the screen.

Yoga is wonderful for regulating your Immune function – it provides a deep oxygenation and stress release, as well as strengthening our mind which is the FUNDAMENTAL component of staying well, and coping efficiently with any pathogens like viruses, bacteria and toxins in our environment should we get affected.

The online classes are starting tomorrow – Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Note: I read corona news updates once a day at around 6 – 6:30PM – for all of 60 seconds ONLY – ok it may be up to 180 seconds/3 minutes if it takes me long to chose what paper does the best one, with both concise and all inclusive info – THAT IS PERFECTLY ADEQUATE, and informs my actions for next day. Without causing stress. Without making me think about COVID-19 like it’s the most important thing in my life! Can you do that?

I look forward to you joining me for some online yoga!
Once more, book your sessions here

Keep calm and joyful! 

All Love

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