About me

Cece LaCena

Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Soul Guide and Self-love Mentor

I was there once too.

Deep down I felt something was missing, something quite elusive, although on the surface I had so much going for me apparently.

I suffered through codependency and addictions, and a fair share of limiting beliefs that kept me unhappy, small and made my body and mind sick.

As I began learning how to reclaim my Soul’s purpose, I started to rebuild my life to my liking, and the beauty and awe of life began pouring in each day. 

I learned to really love myself, and fall in love with life completely. I healed my mind and body. I let love back into my heart. I even found my true life’s calling and was finally able to create the kind of lifestyle, health and resilience, and the impact I desired.

You can do it too. 

It doesn’t have to take you years, or even decades trying to figure it all out by yourself – I can help you get there fast, like I’ve helped countless other women already.

I studied and applied tools, practices and philosophy contained in countless ancient scriptures of the East.

The wisdom of these scrolls are indispensable to all of us humans – and today even the modern science supports the efficacy of their insights and teachings, and the impact they have on our life.

They all point to the necessity to understand ourselves deeply in order to remove the root cause of unhappiness.

Until we know the essence of our being, our own Soul, and learn to reconnect and align with our inner guidance properly in order to start living our Soul’s purpose, there will always be tension and unhappiness.

Over the last 25 years, my background also includes working as a naturopath, ayurvedic lifestyle counsellor, yoga teacher, nutritional therapist and homeopath.

I’ll happily be your coach, your guide and mentor on your totally unique path towards a happier and more fulfilled life. I can help you create a life where you can become the person you are meant to be – strong, resilient, confident, happy, passionate about your day-to-day and your future, and taking inspired and sure steps to move forward with your dream life.

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