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This Life is precious to me. It didn’t feel like that always. But when diagnosed with cervical cancer in my early 20’s I suddenly realised how close I was to leaving it behind.

I knew that my cancer was a sum of all the abuse my body had taken thus far… from excessive partying through my late teens, little rest, my diet, alcohol that I used to indulge a bit too much and too often, and the crippling mental attitudes that were a result of emotional trauma. 

It was no wonder that it happened!

After opting for surgery following a 6 month period of essential lifestyle shifts and nutritional support I prescribed for myself with the ok of my oncologist, and reducing the growth to 40% of its original mass, I celebrated  my success. And went on about my life. 

It didn’t last long. Next year cancer returned. Again I opted for surgery more immediately, refused chemo and radio treatments. And then I went to work. 

I worked on my body through nutrition, exercise, herbs, and on my mind, learning to heal the trauma, and reunite my heart and soul.

I studied and implemented all that I learned. Eventually people started asking for guidance and advice. And after a few years, I decided to attend to officiating my knowledge. This path took me to becoming a nutritional therapist, naturopath and homeopath. 

The gift of Ayurveda has taught me the language of the skin, the secrets of balance and the gentle wisdom of the purification of the soul.

I then also qualified as a yoga teacher, and spent years deepening my knowledge of Ayurveda, which led me to self-realization that although I KNEW a lot of useful and life-affirming practices, I want actually loving them. 

Knowing alone wasn’t enough to get me where I wanted to get. I wanted to be able to grow old gracefully, independent in my body and clear in my mind. To feel strong, and powerful and to experience my life as a real joy that it can be.

This led me to finding the right support to bridge this gap between knowing about living well and actually experiencing the full benefit which continues to exceed my expectations!

I found a teacher, invested $$$$’s to get the support, real-time guidance and accountability that was needed to get to where I wanted to go next – and finally, after over 25 years of trying to do it by myself (and failing again and again!) I got there!

With all sincerity- this woman saved my life! And helped me propel to a new level of existence I never knew existed – one that exceeded ALL my expectations.

So I decided that this is what I wanted to share with others. To help them bridge that gap into the life experience of their dreams.

It took me about 2 years to figure out how to do this. Two years of more training that was needed to learn about the connection between the habits and Ayurveda, to learn the science behind habit evolution without which it is impossible to make a change that we desire, and to finally create the system within which I could share all that I have with others and get them the results they desire.

My own health, which in comparison with other’s was very good perhaps, sky-rocketed to another level of wellness!


The fine lines that had started to appear have VANISHED! I have actually reversed the ageing process.

My ENERGY is incredible! I have consistent energy from the moment I wake up, to the time i go to sleep.

I’m at my IDEAL Weight.

I have MORE ‘ME’ Time.

I JOYFULLY jump out of bed each day, brimming with Creativity.

Even the tiny things, remnants of the past misuse and abuse – like the tinge of my ibs that was in the background, certain intolerances, some bloating and digestive issues, occasionally achy joints, and others like them… VANISHED.

I sailed into menopause with 5 weeks of moderate suffering- and my bones are exemplary, the density is one of the 20 year old apparently.

My Creativity blossomed. I do more each day with less effort.

My time opened up as if by magic!

And I feel genuinely joyful most of my days, and have even befriended times when my heart shows me that something isn’t right for me – and take its teachings and redress balance.

I look forward to benefiting from the wisdom and experience that emerges as we grow into this third stage of life, and enables us to live our lives more fruitfully, with passion and joy!

I look forward to many many many more years in my body that grows even stronger and healthier as I age, gorgeous skin, and mind that’s clear, focused and joyful.

I know and experience now that there’s another way to age, and I am loving it!

I wish for You all that and more!

May Ayurveda help to make your own journey towards absolute beauty effortless, joyful and successful adventure.

With Love


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