How to Stay Sane in these times of COVID-19

I hope you are all starting to settle into this new situation since we’ve moved into social isolation here in the UK.

In fact, I’ve realized the other day that this term is a misnomer – we are NOT in social isolation in fact – we are just in a physical isolation! The social aspect – our connection to others continues as normal as it can be – by phone, social media, and various groups that you may be a part of too.

One thing is certain – in these uncertain times, and the times of great flux – and the times of having much time on our hands now that most of us are not going out to work, working from home when we are unaccustomed to it can cause feelings of strangeness of apparent solitude perhaps; or perhaps you are not working at all……tons of time on your hands….

The mind can get all over the place!
Boredom, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, indecisiveness, lethargy, lack of focus, headaches can all become a very real thing all of a sudden.

And the resulting time on our hands often takes into a cycle of late night Netflix, late to rise, eating stodgy foods, and ending up feeling even more uncomfortable in our minds and hearts…

Not to mention the media blaring horror news just short of the full zombie apocalypse 24/7.

I have spoken to a number of people so far who are worried that they may start to feel really out of sorts after the second week of this imposed ‘holiday’. 

Our mind is directly linked to our daily routines. The doshas and the gunas.

A little bit about the Mind

In Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy, the mind is known as ‘the inner instrument’. The mind experiences, comprehends, and feels. Like the five senses, it is an organ of cognition. Some philosophies state that, because it can sense both the body and consciousness itself, the mind is a bridge between the body and ultimate consciousness, or the soul.

If you dissect a brain looking for the mind, you will not find it. Unlike the physical organ of the brain, the mind is made of subtle energies, rather than the 5 elements. Much like if you studied an ear looking for the sense of hearing, it would be impossible; looking at the hardware of the ear does not reveal the energy that allows the ear to know a sound frequency, to hear.

The anatomy of the mind lies in its different frequencies, or functions. The higher mind comprehends eternal knowledge and universal truths about existence, the middle mind understands sensory experience and emotions, and the lower mind grasps only the physical world.

Much more can be said on this topic of course. But lets keep it simple.

Unhealthy Tendencies of the Mind

Our natural given state, our baseline, is to always feel calm and relaxed, creative, and happier – no matter what circumstance surround us – and that state of mind naturally produces the health in our physical body too.

Our mental anguish and suffering is known as mental ama/toxins, the termused for impurities, or negative tendencies in the mind.

The Ayurvedic sages say that mental ama is produced by:

  • Negative emotions – anger, fear, self-criticism, greed, resentment
  • Psychological stress – family problems, tensions at work, loss of money or job, divorce, death in the family
  • Lethargy; mental inertia
  • Contact with other people’s negativity
  • Violent, crude, or shocking news, bulletins, books, movies or other forms of entertainment

The sight of violence, suffering, or fear triggers the production of unhealthy chemicals in the body, leading to build up of ama in our thoughts, and in our cells and tissues.

How to help yourself help yourself

One of the quickest way out of this downward spiral is to establish a good, grounding routine in your day. And no, that doesn’t mean going to bed routinely at 3:30am lol!!

I talk of a routine that works with the rhythms of the nature, our Earth – and the innate imprint of our DNA and RNA which were both made in the fashion they are because we were equipped to thrive with this rhythms on this Earth.

This is a recommended morning routine that will help you feel calm and clear, and strengthen the immune system:

Rise early 6-8AM
Empty your bowels.
Bathe and tend to your body lovingly.
Balanced Breathing practices.

All this is also great for keeping your lungs nice and clear of mucus too – the biggest worry with the virus!

To help you carve out your routine and stick with it, we are starting with yoga and meditation classes ONLINE TOMORROW MORNING, Tuesday 24th March 9:30 AM GMT. 

I will hold 3 yoga sessions each week
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 9:30am GMT over ZOOM conferencing – you can join me on your PC/Mac or phone. Each session will be 30-40 minutes long.

If you can’t join us LIVE, you’ll be able to access the recording at your leisure.

Each session will be  £2, payable in bulk £30 for 5 weeks.
Payments can be made over PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account here

After you paid you’ll be sent a link to Zoom room where you can join me, and each class will be followed by an email containing the recording which will be updated on private page on YouTube. 
None of the participants will be captured on the screen.

Yoga is wonderful for regulating your Immune function – it provides a deep oxygenation and stress release, as well as strengthening our mind which is the FUNDAMENTAL component of staying well, and coping efficiently with any pathogens like viruses, bacteria and toxins in our environment should we get affected.

The online classes are starting tomorrow – Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Note: I read corona news updates once a day at around 6 – 6:30PM – for all of 60 seconds ONLY – ok it may be up to 180 seconds/3 minutes if it takes me long to chose what paper does the best one, with both concise and all inclusive info – THAT IS PERFECTLY ADEQUATE, and informs my actions for next day. Without causing stress. Without making me think about COVID-19 like it’s the most important thing in my life! Can you do that?

I look forward to you joining me for some online yoga!
Once more, book your sessions here

Keep calm and joyful! 

All Love


Sometimes the words are not what they seem. There’s a myriad layers, tastes, nuances beyond the tangible that make your whole core tingle.
Moments that pierce the chasm of time and space across aeons, and zero in on the ancient contract between two souls that commingle for a little while on this magical ride. And as each word breaks open the whole universe of meaning , glances reveal the truth of deeper knowing no matter how perished the bones may be. To the impartial eye, this exchange will seem innocent enough, yet you both know that things said will thunder through all the fabric of the universe.

My Oma died in peace last Friday, 13th March 2020 at 5:05pm local time. She just turned 95 on the 7th March. Her body was buried on following Wednesday. We are both so grateful for our last goodbye on this round. .


A friend asked yesterday what I’m letting go of that day (I’m in the middle of my spring cleanse, external and internal), and my answer was Co-dependency.

And this morning I opened up my eyes with a realisation that my sweetest doggie Daisy is my most veritable teacher that came to teach me this.
She’s co-dependency free, and has it down to a T.

You see, co-dependency has been my way of being since quite an early age. I can clearly trace it to being aged 1 and a half, but I think it probably goes back further than that.

For me, it was allways a distinct sensation which I can now identify with what’s observed as co-dependency by experts. But for years that sensation, that feeling was always mistakenly identified by me as Love. Now I know better, I know it is not love.

I have come to understand the actual source of this sensation to be the literal displacement of my own energetic body, my soulful self, out of my physical body. And often in that state, transferred fully onto another object. Onto another. It could be in a form of a need for approval or validation, or worrying about others, or not being able to say no without feeling guilty, or inability to prioritise one’s needs first.

That feeling of what I thought was ‘love’ is simply a feeling of displacement. of almost tangible discomfort or pain of separation from our own physical self.

It is the actual felt sense of our body in distress and signaling this disconnect, while we are busy displacing our energetic part of self, ‘hooking’ our soulful self onto another, hoping for the relief it will give

Which it does for a short moment. Or so we think. The trouble is we need to rely on this to be a constant state. Which is impossible.

Our body needs our soulful self to be fully anchored in it, otherwise it is not fully supported and will suffer pain and disease eventually, sooner than later. So it alerts us readily. But our mind can not always interpret this call appropriately.

We can observe how widespread this issue has been in our society for millennia – terms like ‘better half’ all point quite distinctly to the society with co-dependency at its core.

All of those songs declaring ‘I can’t live without you’ come from that place of displacement too.

One of my teachers, Dr Sue Morter calls this ‘object-subject-object’ state. What we want is to be able to stay in ‘subject’ place, eg in our own body so that we are no longer dispersing our energies, and landing them onto external ‘objects’ of our attention, eg other people, but instead we remain physically present, staying fully embodied in our own physical body.

This displacement happens due to a traumatic event, or a number of traumatic events, such is often in a family where there is generational issue with unprocessed hurt.

It is quite prevalent, more so than most of us can imagine in fact.

I observe different levels of lack of this disembodiment in my yoga students regularly. Their ages vary from 20 to 92. Across generations.

I bet that you are experiencing a similar level of this disembodiment right now too.
For instance, can you easily feel your feet right this very moment – without having to resort to wiggling your toes perhaps – but actually feel your soles from the inside, and the tops of the feet. Can you feel how the fabric of your socks if you’re wearing some touches your skin? Can you feel the distinct spaces between your toes,and the places where toes touch and commingle snuggly? and the pads of your toes?

Most people have to take a bit of time, and wiggle their toes and articulate their ankles this way and that before they can get a faintest real sense of their feet.

We are chronically disembodied, most of us at least.

And this disembodiment causes a constant sense of being unsettled in ourselves, of not being at ease, which varies from person to person – some feel it as anxiety, or loneliness, or sadness, or grief, worry, stress, boredom or even pain.

These feelings of uneasiness often lead to patterns of behaviour/choices we make that ultimately lead to even greater suffering and pain.

We want to learn to be fully present in our body. And do so deliberately. Practices like yoga and certain specific breathing practices teach us how to anchor, literally tether our soulful self all the way in, so that we may begin our journey as the fully embodied being on this beautiful planet earth, and learn to live in accordance with our souls longing and make choices and act from that place of integrity and real Love.

World really takes on the yummy shade of vibrant blazing pink then. And suddenly everything is just perfect.

It’s really worth your while, I promise!

Coronavirus – Tips to Build Resilience Naturally – Holistic Approach

It’s been a crazy week. From grounded international flights here in the UK and panic stock-piling of basic staples, quarantines in the EU, school closures and cancelled sports seasons, the world is in some turmoil and enveloped in fear!

Here are some key tips I’d like to share with you:

The fear has spread faster and farther than Covid-19.

And as fear causes  excessive stress, and we know that stress depresses our immune function. Each hour of stress lowers the function of your immune system for 24 – 48 hours, and leaves you without protection.

Fear is highly contagious. Just as viruses are passed from person to person, so are emotional states like fear.

So in addition to handwashing, covering your mouth if you cough with disposable tissue (and washing hands after), and avoiding unnecessary close physical contact, one of the most important things you can do is to regulate your nervous system. This will lower your stress response.

The fastest and easiest way to calm your body and your mind is to deepen and slow down your breath. Do this by focusing on inhaling into the lower belly first, about an inch below your navel, on a slow count of four on the inhale, and on the exhale. 

Think of something you are grateful for or appreciate as you breathe, something that is going well right now for you – it can be something as simple as observing a beautiful sunny day, or the flowers on your desk or on the green as you get to work.

Let every mention of coronavirus be your cue for a new habit of deepening your breath. 

Just as you might limit your exposure to crowds, limit your exposure to other people’s fears by limiting time on social media and listening to endless news updates. Once or twice a day is plenty.

As we practice social distancing, here’s a quote I love that I came across from Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky:

“Let every hand we don’t shake become a phone call that we place. Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern. Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise.”

Many people have been asking what herbs they should have on hand. For your protection, the following list of herbs and herbal combinations may be useful to take. Please note that it is not necessary to take ALL of them. Some you may already have in your pantry:

Drink plenty of HOT water through the day

Drink fresh ginger tea

Take some vitamin C – tablets or amalaki fruit

Take Echinacea twice daily

Or Take Goldenseal twice daily

Or combo: Echinacea + Goldenseal + Cinnamon – ¼ tsp with honey twice daily

Take medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Shitake, and Cordyceps

Astragalus is great too.

Avoid sugar, alcohol, and all milk/dairy products, these tend to increase mucus (damp) in the body. From research of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors working in China, COVID-19 most often presents as a damp, toxic pathogen. Becoming an inhospitable host to damp pathogens means keeping your microbiome healthy.

Eat warm, cooked, whole foods that you can easily digest. Avoid iced drinks. Include black pepper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, and cumin,  turmeric, garlic, ginger, oranges, sprouts, lemons and lots of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet.

Good oils such as coconut and olive oil.

Keep meat produce to minimum too.

Eat your biggest meal at lunchtime, eat a light supper and avoid eating after 6pm.

Lubricate your nasal passages with some olive or sesame oil – get a dropper bottle and lubricate twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

Get some sun. Keep warm and comfortably wrapped up.

Be sure to rest. Rest, read, relax. 

Prioritize sleep. Seriously. This is where we build resilience.

Exercise every day, preferably in the morning. A combo of gentle movements and breathing like yoga is best. If you are going to the gym, make sure you wipe down all equipment and mats before and after your practice.

As far as herbs that are traditionally used for respiratory conditions, colds, and flus: Ayurveda, Western herbal medicine, and Chinese herbal medicine have been around for millenia,  and have seen people through a number of different epidemics.

The treatments are individualized, depending on the presentation of symptoms and people’s basic physical constitution. If you need to get in touch, please do, and we can arrange online or phone consultation.

Keep calm and joyful!

New Season – New Start

Coronavirus – how to improve your immune function naturally without supplements

The Art of Living in Thrive

Fast-track your wellness with


(for the busy 21st Century)

  • Flush the body of toxic build-up, and restore physical strength, mental clarity and emotional ease before heading into the new season.
  • Learn how to create space and ease in your daily goings-on, and drastically reduce stress from your life!
  • Strengthen the power of your digestion, improve immune function, build resilience, reverse ageing process, up-level your energy, improve sleep  

Start Date: 21st March


Q: I can’t take time off work – can I still do it?
A: You can certainly do it while going on with your normal life. This detox will also help you lessen the daily stress you are usually experiencing at work.

Q: I am currently hard at training for marathon, triathlon, dance show – can I still do this detox? I am scared that I’ll be too hungry!
A: You will be able to comfortably continue with your training without fear of being hungry – there are different ways and options to detox that you will learn about, and I will help you chose the personalized one that works for You.

Q: I will be travelling, can I still do this detox?

A: Of course you can – I will help you plan in the way that will support your changing circumstances while supporting you re-tune your body and mind for better clarity and physical, mental and emotional resilience.

Q: I need to lose weight FAST. Can I loose weight with this detox?
A: You not only will lose weight while doing this detox, but you will continue to lose it even once the detox is over, and you return to eating more of your usual foods. 

Q: I don’t want to lose any weight – can I still do this detox?
A: You certainly can – there are different ways to detox and I will help you chose the personalized detox that will support the release of toxins in your body without losing weight.

Q: I am pregnant – I don’t want to do anything that would harm me or the baby. Is this detox suitable?
A: This detox is not about deprivation, but about deep nourishment, and it will meet you where you are at, and help support both the developing baby and your body in pregnancy just beautifully.

Q: I am breastfeeding – I don’t want to do anything that would harm me or the baby. Is this detox suitable?
A: This detox is not about deprivation, but about deep nourishment, and it will meet you where you are at, and help support both the developing baby and your body in pregnancy just beautifully.



Your detox will be guided by me via Zoom conferencing.
You’ll be able to stay at home, go to work and attend to all the activities that you wish to give your attention to.

All the calls are recorded, so you can view them later at your convenience in your HUB.

In our beautiful HUB there are guide books, recipes, how-to videos, worksheets – and you can dip in and out parts that are relevant to YOUR detox.

You won’t be overwhelmed, I promise!

Week 1 

Is our intro week for mental preparation, kitchen preparation (clearing all temptation!), and shopping for ingredients. 

Week 2

In our 2nd week we dive in deep following juices smoothies soups stews and kitchari options that you’ll be guided through.

We keep it simple and easy. 

Week 3 

We wind down third week coming out of the detox (the main detox finishes in 2nd week, and you can opt to prolong it a bit if you feel that you desire to do so, it’s entirely up to you! I’ll be there to support you!)

At the end of week you’ll feel like a totally new person!!

Energized, Resilient, Strong.

Focused, Clear, Light.

Happier, Joyful, at ease.

More Aware.

Responsive to YOUR needs.

With more inner resources to give off yourself to your loved ones.


Click here for more in-depth info.

Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise

Look at these beauties! I found them on my walk this morning.

The true heralds of Spring – signaling that winter is coming to a close – and the spring is almost here!
Days are getting longer and longer, and sunrises brighter and more colourful each day.

This winter has been particularly hard on so many people! 

So many suffered with sore throats, prolonged or recurrent colds or flu, coughs, chest infections, worsened asthma – and trouble sleeping, anxiety and feeling down through all those dark days and nights that seemed to go on forever.


In yoga and Ayurveda tradition, we use this juncture of Time between Winter and Spring to consciously off-load all the accumulated AMA from the cold and dry winter months characterized by the Vata dosha (think of the cold and dry qualities of trees barren of leaves here) as we move into moist and lush spring characterized by Kapha dosha.

Springtime is magical! Lush, dynamic, and even sexy one can say! As nature moves out of the cold, wet, dark winter toward spring, the pulse of life quickens, the earth warms, and flowers blossom forth reaching for the sun.

Nature makes it look smooth, but for us humans it’s not as easy to transition gracefully from one season to the next – and especially from winter to spring. More often we find ourselves feeling heavy and sluggish, like a grumpy bear reluctantly coming out of hibernation. 

Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science and the world’s oldest surviving system of healing, shows us that the key to feeling in step with the seasons is to harmonize with nature, to follow her lead and dance to her rhythm. 

Kapha dosha governs the spring season.

Kapha also gives your body its earthy-watery qualities.

It provides lubrication for joints, as well as mucus to protect the sensitive tissues of the sinuses, lungs, and stomach; it also determines the size, strength, and suppleness of your muscles, and the density of your bones.

When kapha is in balance, you feel strong, composed, and stable. When it’s out of balance, you might feel sleepy, mentally dull, or depressed.

You may also experience excess phlegm in the lungs or sinuses, nausea, unhealthy weight gain, water retention, or heaviness in your limbs.

It’s especially important to balance kapha in the spring, because kapha accumulates during winter and can create diseases by the time spring arrives. As the world becomes colder and wetter toward the later stages of winter, your body mirrors these kapha-like changes.  (In Ayurveda it’s said that the ‘like increases like’, in other words the dampness of kapha rising in nature stimulates the rise of kapha in our body)

You tend to eat, sleep, and stay inside more during winter, which can result in a “winter coat” of insulation: 

  • Our mucous membranes (in our nose, sinuses, stomach, small intestines) start to produce more mucus. In spring, you need to shed this excess kapha or risk becoming vulnerable to seasonal allergies or head colds.
  • You might also gain or retain weight or succumb to a general lethargy or emotional dullness. Your Ayurvedic prescription for spring is to develop a rhythm and routine that helps you gradually lighten up physically, mentally, and emotionally without disturbing the stable virtues of kapha. 


(for the busy lives of our 21st Century)

With change from Winter to Spring we use practices to flush the body of toxic build-up, and restore physical, mental and emotional balance before heading into the new season.

  • We make space. We ease the transition to spring by creating sukha, which means “good space” or a general state of health and happiness.If you don’t create sukha, the flow of prana, or our Life Force is restricted and contributes to dukha (bad space), sukha’s evil twin.
  • We turn up the inner fire. According to the principles of Ayurveda, a healthy digestive agni, or “fire,” is key for health. Agni gives us the physical power of digestion as well as the energy to digest our experiences, sensory impressions, thoughts, and feelings.

A strong agni is thought to arm you with the discrimination and courage to separate what is essential from nonessential, healthy from toxic, wise from foolish.

Strong agni prevents you from producing ama, a heavy residue left in the body when you experience or consume things you can’t assimilate or completely digest.

Eminent Ayurvedic physician Dr Vasant Lad describes ama as a “morbid, toxic, sticky substance that is the root cause of many diseases.”

Unlike kapha, which is a natural by-product of metabolism, ama is a poison.

Ama contributes to fatigue, weakened immunity, inflammation, cravings, and depression. If left unchecked, it can lead to more serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease and many others.

Detox mode is a lovely time out.
(And yes, you can still work! You don’t need to take time off work to do it.)

Often we wait until we’re inevitably sick to take time out of life.

This sets up an unhealthy pattern that feeds the disease process.

Seriously, trust me, you don’t want to wait for red flags before giving your body a break. If you do, you’re headed for a breakdown. 

Instead, we establish a healthy pattern where we eventually start to CRAVE (and DESERVE!) a seasonal time out.

When we take time out twice a year to slow down, simplify, lighten, heal, reset, rejuvenate and energise, and to deeply support and re-calibrate our digestion, sleep rhythms, nervous system, we are restored to our “factory settings”, as we reduce the accumulation of physical, emotional and mental toxins that drain us of our energy.

Ayurvedic detox is an easy way to shed any excess and fortify your health and protect your well-being for the coming months and beyond.

What we’ll do

Your detox will be guided by me via Zoom conferencing.

You’ll be able to stay at home, go to work and attend to all the activities that you wish to give your attention to.

All calls are recorded, so you can view them later at your convenience in your HUB.

In your beautiful HUB there are guide books, recipes, how-to videos, worksheets – and you can dip in and out the parts that are relevant to YOUR detox.

You won’t be overwhelmed, I promise!

Week 1 
Is our intro week for mental preparation, kitchen preparation (clearing all temptation!), and shopping for ingredients. 

Week 2 
In our 2nd week we dive in deep following juices smoothies soups stews and kitchari options that you’ll be guided through.

We keep it simple and easy. 

Week 3 
Then we wind down third week as coming out of the detox (the main detox finishes in 2nd week, and you can opt to prolong it a bit if you feel that you desire to do so, it’s entirely up to you! I’ll be there to support you!)

Ayurvedic Detox:

  • Restores a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.
  • Fosters both clarity and groundedness in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres.
  • Nurtures an improved sense of energy and vitality.
  • Supports sound sleep.
  • Promotes regular elimination.
  • Helps reestablish one’s natural state of balance.
  • Prepares the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation.
  • Promotes optimal health by strengthening immune function.
Tell me, What is it you plan to do with your Wild and Precious Life?
~ Mary Oliver

1 Person


With a Friend


Start Date: 21st March 2020

The Story of Two Wolves

When I was growing up I had two grandmothers. One was a sweet loving dependent type, who relied on her husband for everything as she was a stay-at-home wife and mother.

The other one fought in WW2 alongside men (this was 1940’s! Women simply didn’t do things like that at that time), was of high rank, respected party adviser and very independent.

She found it hard to ask for help, ever. I didn’t know that at the time. I just found her to be admirable.

So, as we all do, I subconsciously decided to model myself on her. 

Most of us tend to model ourselves upon those people in our lives who appear to be strong and command a healthy level of our admiration.

Some of us decide to model ourselves upon other people, those that seemingly got most loving from actually being dependant and seemingly more vulnerable – but overall, majority of us tends to go for the former, strong type modelling.

Something to do with our survival instincts, true, but also due to the way our society has modelled for us over the past 50-70 years.

My being strong, and often quite heroic in fact, served me quite well for a number of decades.

Albeit, there was a slight fault in that identity default – I was unable to ask for help, due to my identifying with the trait of being exclusively self-sustaining, independent, and self-reliant.

It took me a while to start to notice this flaw. In fact I was in my mid-30’s when I realised that I was deeply uncomfortable with feeling the need to get someone onboard to help me.

And strangely – that made things even worse. I’d switch into feeling too proud to admit to myself, let alone anyone else, that I couldn’t or didn’t know how to do it by myself.

I had all that knowledge, experience, diplomas, wisdom… surely I should have been able to figure it all by myself.

But I wasn’t. Years passed. And I was still in that place of know-it-all but actually struggling and suffering. Needlessly.

One day, almost 10 years later, seeing my slow personal progress in a very real way, I woke up to the reality of my self-imposed impediment – that identity that I so dearly clung on for most of my life was going to be my unmaking!

So the same night I wrote a letter to my coach-to-be, booked a time to speak to her in the following days, then closed a laptop and cried like a baby.

It was a very scary, elating and exhilarating experience all at the same time. 

It felt like I’ve been thrown into a huge rinse cycle, and washed out all the old grief, and fear, and worry – and yes there was this new fear of what lay ahead, but it was exciting at the same time – I knew that another completely different way of being lay before me and there was now no going back!

I had to re-direct all my strength and heroism that I was so good at, into another way – and use them to navigate this new era before me.

Change is scary. But it offers new opportunities. And those new opportunities, when connected with our deepest desire, our soul’s longing, is what makes our life turn into our dream.

Our Dream Life  happens only when we decide to take Action. And to take the right action, we need Guidance. Trust me, if we don’t take guidance, our progress at best will be stalled, or at worse never actually happen.

Relinquishing my ideas about myself actually empowered me to become more myself. To step into deeper integrity with who I am. To learn to live intentionally and to savour each and every moment in the way one savours a delicious meal or most elaborate symphony.

Your Life should be like a piece of Art.

Not some botched, unfinished attempt that we secretly and quietly grieve over.

Your choice is NOW. 

This is Your Time.

Reach out.

Step into your power.

Make your dreams come true.

Book the session with me and let’s talk about how I can help you.

How to cultivate Self-Compassion

To embrace and live a long life, compassion towards yourself may be one of the most important tools. Compassion allows you to digest and integrate suffering. You will not be able to escape suffering, but you will be able to weave that pain into a beautiful tapestry called life. 

Once you have given yourself space for compassion, there is space for grief, for suffering, and for joy. In every moment, you have a choice to see things as generally positive or negative. You may feel “negative” emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, judgment. 

Your health arises not from your ability to push away or shove these negative feelings into a corner or out of sight. Rather, it arises from giving these feelings space and a voice. 

Your resilience comes from quiet introspection and understanding all of the emotions and experiences of living. 

There is darkness and there is light. 

Healthy aging and longevity require deep wells of inner compassion. When you feel and not just pay lip service to that compassion, you are ready to move on to the next journey of life. 

Yet life rarely presents clear forks in the road. Life is full of complexities and shades of gray. 

The brain or the mind has a job, and that is to keep us safe. Fear and negativity had a role in our evolution and survival. Vigilance and seeing things through a negative lens helped us survive at one point. Those who were fearful and vigilant survived more often than those who may have been more carefree. When humans anticipated a threat or attack and that was a correct assessment, negative thinking helped people to survive. 

As humans, we are always growing, learning, and watching out for danger. Our brains are wired to look for things to fear. But this is not the only way of looking at things. 

A positive outlook, even in the face of not so positive life circumstances, seems to be a personality trait that may be associated with longevity. 

And to survive eighty years and beyond, a certain kind of resilience and reframing will be necessary. 

In 2017, Sardinians age 90–101 were interviewed about their life histories and beliefs. Younger relatives of this group of nano and octogenarians were also queried on their long-lived family members’ personalities. 

Researchers found that these older adults exhibited better mental health than younger people. Despite a decline in physical vigor, older adults of Sardinia had a mostly positive outlook. They were filled with hope and optimism, despite what life had dealt them. 

It seems that to live to be 100, one either becomes more positive or perhaps optimism helps one survive past a certain age. In Ayurveda, the last part of life after the age of 50, is influenced by the air element which is expressed through a positive attitude and inspirational point of view.

However, if you spent the whole life in worry, anxiety, and negative thinking, you’ve laid down the neural pathways, like deep grooves, so that you will step into the older age and continue to feel in the same way no matter what circumstance – even when you retire, even when all around you is calm – your personal experience of life will still remain strained and not enjoyable.

To make your later years and your todays happy and healthy, you need to start to intentionally cultivate your predisposition.

Here is the little mindfulness practice you can begin with today.

It is a Gratitude practice. I love those!

Two easy steps to do each day:

  1. When you wake up give thanks and blessing for three things in your life that come to mind – it can be as simple as thanking your yummy bed, or welcoming the morning rays of light, or someone you love who supports you, or thanking your beautiful body for one more day on this Earth… whatever comes to mind!
  2. Before you go to sleep, give thanks and blessings for three more things – something that happened, something that you experienced, some inner growth that happened, a person that you love who supports you…… it can be anything.

Do this every day, and see how your outlook begins to evolve!

How do you invest in yourself?

It always surprises me that people don’t bat an eyelid when investing  £6k or even a £24k into a car, but go all funny at the prospect of investing a fraction of that cost into their health!


I mean, there are zillion cars out there, and you can get a brand new model every year if you are so inclined – but with your body – you get only ONE.

Do you ever think of that??

I mean – for real.

Like, do you EVER contemplate what it would be like to get seriously ill, no option to exchange for a brand new model – the only available option before you is further pain and suffering and the inevitable decline into more and greater pain and suffering?

I know, it’s not a cheery thought, for sure. But it is no less of a likely outcome just because you don’t want to really ponder that possibility – while at the same time ignoring all the tiny tell-tale signs – like tiredness, niggly digestive issues, frequent colds or colds that leave you not right for weeks on end (how frequent is frequent, you ask? Have you had one this winter that lasted more than 4 days? Or maybe you already had a couple of shorter ones?). Or perhaps it may be a slight imbalance in hormones, pms, headaches, niggly pains and aches that keep coming back, or any other thing that makes you feel like you are not your 100%.

Or you may just feel lacklustre, dull and uninspired, day after day, or your sleep is leaving you wanting… Things which, even if you went to the doc, may not be diagnosable as such, but you know you are not at your best.

And you may start to think that it is your ‘age’ – after all, everyone around you may be chiming in that same tune! 

I was there once – and when my ex began chiming the ‘age’ tune I soon realised he was on a slippery slope! And me too, by association.

It was easier to chime in with him than to change my tune, to change my actions in fact.

But I did. I changed my life around. It hit me hard this realisation that I have only ONE body, ONE health, and only ONE outcome if I continued to roll in the groove I was in. 

So. I got support that I needed..

I tried it alone before, but I failed. Over and over. Over 25 years of failing to get out of that groove on my own. (I did small shifts, rolled with them for a little while, but then Life would happen, and I’d drop the ball – and it would be another 8 months later that I managed to get back into it! And then after a month or three, I’d slip up again!

I can’t tell you how BAD that made me feel. Frankly, I didn’t realise just how bad it did, until after I got off that hamster wheel once and for all! 25 years on. I felt s*^t about myself – like a total failure- but I could not admit it to myself at the time.

I am so grateful that part of my life is behind me!

So anyway – as I was saying – people will invest stupid money into their cars – but will gasp at the idea of investing into themselves!

I know we are taught to invest into cars, and mortgages, and pensions – and all the other trimmings – but we are not taught to invest into ourselves – and frankly- that is the best investment we can and should make!

After all – without our health and vitality – all the rest is worth to us a big fat 0.

Just ask anyone with a terminal illness and a zillion in the bank – what would they give to get their health back now that it’s too late?!

Would they give all their money, to the last penny to have their health back, you think?

So – what is your health worth to you right now? 

Don’t delay – it is never a ‘right time’ for anything! We make time for our priorities- and if your health and wellbeing isn’t a priority, ask yourself  why is that. Seriously.

For I can tell you – one soul to another – you are worth it! (Just like in that L’Oréal commercial, yes! Only my hair is too short to flick it in that fashion 😘)

So book a time for a free chat with me – my program is bees knees – it covers all the aspects of wellbeing in one simple amazing 5000 years old proven system for longevity and vibrant health!

And if you and I decide that we are not a good fit, and that thus program isn’t a good fit for you, that’s cool too.

You will still get some great coaching with me for free! And isn’t that a boon! People always tell me how beneficial and amazing this session was for them.

Ps if none of the times work for you, then email me and I’ll find the time that works best!

Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?

Are you living intentionally or are you on constant auto-pilot?
Is your life spinning out as it may while you are not in your driver’s seat?
Are you a subject to other’s pace or are you acting exclusively from your centre, each day?
Are you actively co-creating with the Universe?
Or are you a victim of life’s ups & downs?
Do things just happen to you?

These are hard questions to ponder, granted.

But stepping into realisation and admitting that you are in a victim mode, rather that the Co-Creator mode is a first step to making a change for the better.

Life is desire.
When we become insensitive to our own soul’s desire, we in fact become numb.
We shift into that auto-pilot place, where we are going about our daily life without much excitement or joy.

Joy is our natural state of being, granted to us by our birthright.
It is not conditioned by how good we are, or how good we are at something, or whatever idea your subconscious mind may have to judge your own validity and deservedness to actually experience joy for no specific reason or cause – every day.

Eventually, the discomfort goes deeper – belly bloating, dry/sensitive skin, anxiety, habitual worry, depression or overwhelm, shallow breathing, negative self-talk, unhealthy cravings, niggly pains and aches – or perhaps, if you are further down the line – things like being overweight, or suffering with allergies, intollerances, or ibs/ibd, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes 2, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, MS or ME, heart or circulatory issues like cholesterol etc…

The connection between the mind and the body is now researched far and wide – Including USA, UK, Italy, Israel – at universities like Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Stanford, Harward, Columbia, University of California, University of Pittsburgh, Georgia, and the list goes on.

And the connection between the mind and intentional living is a crucial link in that chain.
From thought – to word – to sustained action, we craft our reality in a simple way – once we set out our intent/sankalpa, and take shrewd steps to make our intent come to realisation.

This is how we co-create with the Universe.
This is how we create our health and wellbeing, our Relationships, our purpose in this world, our each day, our abundance, and our luck.

And although it sounds quite simple and doable, and in fact it IS quite simple and doable – most people DO NOT do it.

It takes Clarity.
It takes GRIT.
It takes Heroism.
It takes Love.
It takes Guidance.

So, upon reading this, you could:

a) close this post, and continue down the auto-pilot route (wishing things were different and ignoring the warning signs)


b) message me here to join us for a free Webinar this coming Saturday (recording will be available after the session, should you miss the opportunity to join us LIVE)

I think you’ll probably recognise that the latter is a choice of a Co-Creator.

We start at 2pm GMT on Saturday 25th January 2020.

Simply reply to this letter now and make a first step from being in ‘Coping’ mode to ‘Thriving’ mode instead.

You will learn:
• How to step out of overwhelm, anxiety, habitual worry and stress
• How to break this pattern of being on auto-pilot
• How to break the cycle leading to suffering and likely disease
• How to create a daily life that fits YOUR needs, even when working for other people, so that you can step into your Power, Joy and Ease, every day

Learn how to be:
• Healthy, Lean and Strong
• Grounded and Steady
• Power in Motion

• How to nourish yourself for your body for your own unique body type
• How to Rise and Shine each day

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