Holidays & Our Money Story

The Holidays can be wonderful, joyful, emotional, wonderful, stressful, beautiful, intense & peaceful. They can stir up so much! 

There’s so much beauty and so much baggage with the Holiday time.

As we head into Holiday season, we all do different things. Some of us really check out, some of us overeat, overspend, some of us just love the Holidays – it’s just so nurturing for them.

We are all so different!

One of the first things I like to talk about is what is your holiday money story.

Our money story is our patterns, our beliefs, it’s family of origin, lineage, our personality types  and how all of that bumps up against all of the holiday stuff.

Our money story is really just the story that we created – the positive and the negative, and where we are today, and all of our strengths and challenges around our relationship to money.

There’s a money story of Holidays within this money story.

It has its own flavour and identity, all of the family stuff, the good and the bad, and the money part: the exchanges and the gifts – and it also has to do with meaning and what this time really means to us, and what we want it to mean to us

To help me understand my money story, and to help the people I work with understand their  money story, we do a body check-in. Physical, emotional, all the sensations.

Through the body check-in, through the data of the emotions and body sensations that we are receiving,  we are honouring that it (our body) is INTELLIGENT. 

In yoga we have a lot of words for that Intelligence. But to put it simply, we recognise that there’s a higher wisdom that is coming through the vibratory field of our body and our emotions.

And so, by not paying attention we’re dumbing ourselves down and we’re actually dumbing down the Holidays.

And maybe you don’t have to make any changes this holiday season, maybe you’re just watching, and adding as much gentleness as you possibly can to it.

So step into this body check-in frequently over the next few weeks and just receive.  And receive.  And receive.  

So you don’t have to make any changes this Holiday, and  you don’t need to feel anxious or overwhelmed –  it just a check-in. And receive your biorhythms, your body wisdom, and honour that by maybe taking some notes and writing down what makes you uncomfortable.

For instance, as you are thinking about someone and you are going to buy them a gift and then you realise that what you really want to give them cost more than what you feel comfortable with as maybe you had a lean year –  that can bring up a whole slew of emotions, from ‘If I don’t get them this gift they won’t feel I love them’ to just feelings of guilt or sadness that you can’t get them that gift. Or  maybe you’re going to make some traditional food and it’s not resonant anymore, it just doesn’t feel appealing to you anymore.

So do this body check in frequently, as many times as you need to through the day, over the next few weeks, and see what is the money story of your family, your lineage – and see what you would want to change, what you would wanna make different.

Doing this body check-in instead of sleepily going thorough this time – this time that could be and even more beautiful, even more meaningful, and even more connected.

Really understand your emotions, and your physical sensations, just notice what situations bring them up for you.

Winter Solstice

It’s almost winter solstice and we’re stepping into the darkest time of the year.

How are you feeling? 

Now is a natural time to crave more sleep, the cozy times at home, and dropping within. 

It’s good to honor that pull inward and allow yourself to get some deeper rest.

As we honor the urge for a bit of hibernation and solitude, we’re helping our body, mind and spirit to replenish and restore. 

The stronger you pulse inward (rest, deep sleep, and reflections) the more you’re able to pulse outward (celebrate, create, connect.)

Turning in helps to repair and strengthen the nervous system, clear and rejuvenate your energy, and connect into the depth of your heart and soul. 

What that looks like could be different for everyone.

You might love the following:

  • getting into bed earlier for cuddles or time to just be
  • going to sleep earlier
  • turning off your screens in the evening / morning
  • reading books or journaling instead of looking at a glowing device
  • taking a bath or sauna
  • sitting in silence
  • lengthening your meditative practice
  • spending quiet time in nature
  • giving yourself a moment or two pause between activities
  • deepening your breath when time feels constricted

On this winter solstice, you may feel called to drop in with some deeper intentions.

To cultivate a sacred container for yourself, you can:

  • Set aside a special time, in a space you won’t be disturbed
  • Burn sage, incense or cedar to cleanse the energy
  • Create an altar with sacred objects, pictures, flowers or elements
  • Light a candle and call in any guides or spirit allies
  • Set intentions on what you’d like to create or experience – reflect, release, pause, drop in, explore the depths of your heart… 

It’s a perfect time to reflect on what’s been and what’s gotten you to this moment. To acknowledge your accomplishments, uncover any lessons learned, and simply sit with what’s present. Deep reflection can offer revelations. 

Another important part of honoring the darkness is to fully embrace all of what’s present, including the hard stuff. By leaning in and even embracing the difficulties, we allow ourselves to feel, process and integrate or transmute.  

Rather than just pushing forward, keeping your head up, ‘letting go’ or moving on, I invite you to surrender into the depth of what’s there. To expand into the feelings that can be uncomfortable. 

Things that we typically want to push aside: fear, loss, sadness, anger, frustration, grief, doubt, loneliness, etc are asking something from us. It may be as simple as sitting with the sensations that these feelings bring up, to allow the energy to move through. 

I’ve been experiencing a lot of sadness lately, and have found that sharing authentically with the people I trust has brought in more support and connection as a way to help me feel better. Surrendering into the sadness, along with upping my self care, is an act of healing. Without processing the emotions or energy, they’ll show up at another time or can contribute to dis-ease and symptoms in the body. 

What we might want to push away or numb from, wants to be brought into the light of our awareness. From the presence of our conscious attention, it becomes integrated into our wholeness.  

The more we’re able to journey into our darkness, the greater we can shine the light from the depths of our hearts. The only way out is through. 

And from that place of deep acceptance, surrender and love you have a zero point center from which to experience the truth of your nature – the luminance of your being! This is the ultimate openness to call forth the prayers from your heart, or set intentions for what you desire to call in as we move into the expanding light into spring. 

If you’d like support, please click here to schedule a time to chat with me. 

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have never been really crazy about Christmas. Yea, I know, for many of you out there this may sound like a sacrilege! No offence meant!

Seriously, even as a kid, with all the fuss, and the tinselled tree (which kinda lost its charm for me by the age of 5), and the presents, and food, and even the midnight mass we attended a few times later in my teenage years when we kids were over the moon by being allowed to stay up so late – not to mention the fun when we’d manage to sneak some contraband! (it was probably about 8oz rum and coke shared between 10 of us!)

I’m digressing on fun old memories here 😁

Anyway, as I grew up I learned that the best Christmas for me consisted of staying away from parties and gatherings, and enjoying some relaxing festive time with a small group of friends perhaps, or my fave pure me-time with lots of nature activities, a bit of sherry, red wine or dollop of bailies, and some yummy mince pies to mark the occasion.

My ex and I spent our first Christmas eloping by train to Brighton on Christmas Eve, and staying in a little hotel, enjoying the blustery seaside weather, the absence of crowds and the delicious food in the only open restaurant in town (Indian food, it was fab! The only other place opened was one fish and chips, but we stayed with Indian menu) – anyway that became our tradition for quite a few years.. then we tried a few years of classic Christmas, but after about couple of years reverted back to no fuss festivities in peace and creative endeavour.

So yes, I love Christmas that is not all about the fuss and food and gathering and presents.And I’d like to say to anyone out there who is getting down by social pressure and feels somehow inadequate because they just wanna chill and do whatever they wanna do, or not do – to ignore all those well-wishers who look you with sadness in their eyes should you voice your intention to chill for Xmas, those that make you feel somehow inadequate about your desire to just roll with your own drum beat, and have a fab Christmas that you’ll cherish for the whole year and beyond!

Are you taking any supplements currently?

Are you taking any supplements currently?

The following information may really shock you!

First, let me tell you – It’s fab if you are! It shows that you are: a) keen to look after yourself well

b) keen to do your own research into empowered practices of getting and staying well!

Now, there’s a bit of a snag here too!

As you are already noticing, there are some vital nutrients lacking from your body, hence why you decided to take supplements in the first instance.

BUT – and this is now coming from the sophistication of Ayurveda – the reason that you are deficient in these is not based in the absence of those nutrients from the food that you eat – rather it is because your body is unable to utilize the available nutrients.

The reason for this lack of nourishment is that your digestive fire (agni) isn’t strong enough. In Ayurveda, there is a saying that a person is as old as his or hers agni. It goes on to say that “one lives a long healthy life if it is functioning properly, becomes sick if it is deranged, or dies if this fire is extinguished.”

And that means it is not able to fully utilize those same supplements we’ve already mentioned. In other words you are literally pouring your supplements (and your money!) down the pan!!

Trouble Sleeping?

I love heavy bed covers! I discovered their magic years ago when after buying a light duvet, I’ve spent the night quite restless and had poor sleep.

I did some digging and discovered a correlation between the weight of the bed covers, the quality of sleep, & our parasympathetic nervous system.

PNS, our ‘rest & digest’ system, is responsible for relaxing the body and mind. 

The research today points out that the more we are exposed to touch, the less stress we come to experience. This is vitally important for babies and children. Some hospitals in the US actually have volunteers covering the need for 24 hour skin-to-skin contact for the premature babies, leading to much better survival and growth rates. Traditionally also, babies have been swaddled across the world, to keep them feeling happy and safe.

We mustn’t forget that although we might have had a few decades behind us now, each one is still as vulnerable as that newborn deep inside us. Thankfully!

We relax when drawn into a tight embrace, and nourishing weight of bed covers on top of our body impacts our PNS, relaxing the body and mind – both vital for a good night’s rest!

A simple act of layering the bed covers until you get that desired weight will work just fine. Or buy a weighted blanket on the web.

What kept you awake last night?

What kept you awake last night?

What thoughts were racing through your brain while you were trying to sleep?

Before I started nurturing myself deeply through daily Ayurvedic self-care practices so as to embody Vibrant Energy and Thrive, I was kept up night after night by this awful feeling of TIME SLIPPING AWAY from me, and me BEING constantly BEHIND. 

I had no time or energy to enjoy my loved ones. Work was just a grind.

And I had NO time for ME. No time to stop and just BE.

This strain was filling me with this deep level of unease that would haunt me into the night – and my sleep never felt nourishing, I woke up tired every day.

Life was not waiting, but I was functioning at only about 30% of my capacity!

It was making me miserable, heavy, lethargic, and hating to get out of bed on more days than I thought acceptable – I was TIRED all the time. My belly was dicky too, and there was tons of bloating and gas. And life was still flying into my face at a speed faster than light! 

I knew something had to change – and that’s when I looked to signing up with a coach who knew how to get me to QUICK RESULTS that I needed.

Does this sound like you?

If so, get in touch. I can help you start feeling more IN CONTROL of YOUR LIFE today!

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality. How much do you see spirituality to be part of your life, your process? Your personal wellbeing , your professional wellbeing, your physical wellbeing, and your relational wellbeing? 

For me, spirituality is at the root of all that I do, and all that I have, give, feel and experience. 

Now, what spirituality looks for me is a practice of daily moment-to-moment gratitude, nurturing  heightened awareness in all that I do – however ordinary. It requires active effort to stay connected to my power source – to my Divine spirit within and without. 

When I lose this connection – and I do, that is just part of being this human – I take deliberate ACTION to detour back into its embrace – it can be as simple as the act of drawing away from the screen and turning toward the sky, marvelling at its magnificence. Or going down to the kitchen and drinking a glass of hot clear water and feeling it hit each cell, one after another. I go for a long walk each day. I do yoga. I meditate frequently through the day. Morning is filled with simple rituals of love for my body, mind and soul. Every day. And my evening routines lead to restful and rejuvenating sleep, so that I wake up early in the morning excited for the day ahead.

I am happy and contented. I am creative and productive. I am patient and calm. And yes,  it takes work. It is based in ACTIONS. 

Health and happiness are the fruits of our own small daily actions. That is what spirituality is. A spiritual being living embodied to its full potential in this world. 

Are you living your full potential?

Radical Self-Confidence

Radical Self-Confidence, and radical Health and Wellbeing are ONLY possible when we have a Radical Self-Care Routine.

These Daily Habits of self care go beyond the usual recommendation and what our parents taught us – eating 5 portions of veg a day, going to the gym, or jogging or attending classes, taking vitamins and treating ourselves to an occasional massage IS NOT ENOUGH.

When I was growing up,  we ate exceptionally well (in comparison with my friends and neighbours), I was taught how to wash myself, to brush my teeth in circular motion, to visit a dentist regularly, gyno too, and to have a decent hair cut/style, to moisturise and cleanse, keep my nails clean and tidy, and my feet nice and smooth.

I still do these things today. 

But sadly – that was it! These basic acts of self-care were beyond basic really – they were a meagre attempt at trying to look after myself.

Self-care is a LEARNED SKILL.

Much like any other proficiency.

If you wanna play a piano- you go to a good piano teacher.

If you wanted to be a business analyst, a business manager, administrative assistant, work as an IT buff, or an executive or executive assistant – YOU HAD TO LEARN those skills needed.

And so is with radical self-care. 

My own life evolved beyond what I ever imagined when I learned how to incorporate the 10 habits of yoga and Ayurveda into my daily rhythm.

What is your predominant state of mind right now?

Sattva is the state of mind where the mind expands beyond all the daily chatter of worry, stress, chores, and the small stuff. Your ability to concentrate and the ability to shift back into calm state expand. You feel self-confident. You enjoy sound sleep. You have healthy cravings. Your energy is even and sustained through the day. And you sustain even and positive moods.

Rajas is the energy of movement, creativity and change – but when we have too much of Rajasic qualities, you’ll start to notice that you are feeling agitated. Your thoughts race. You may be struggling with falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. You’ll find it difficult to remain still. You may have cravings for spicy food, alcohol, and stimulants, and tend to work too hard.

Tamas is the energy of gravity and physical enjoyment and desire for deep nurturance. When in balance, it brings sound sleep, a healthy desire to rest, and appreciation of creature comforts. However, in excess it causes depression, hopelessness, inactivity and dullness. You may notice feeling hopeless, and experience a brain fog. You may have tendency to oversleeping, and could be craving heavy fried or processed foods.

10 habits of Ayurveda provide you with tools to balance them.

Message me to find out more! 

Ginger is the best remedy for colds

Staying healthy and getting healthy without resorting to over the counter medicines and antibiotics should be our priority.

Here are a few things you can do to boost your immunity and quickly recover from cold or flu at home.

Drink ginger tea, take a bath infused with ginger and bicarb soda (put 1/3 cup of bicarb soda and 1/3 cup of powdered ginger into a hot tub and then soak the body from the neck down).

Or you can try a ginger steam treatment. Boil one teaspoon powdered ginger in a pint of water. Turn off the stove, put a towel over your head, and inhale the ginger-infused steam through your nostrils for about 5 minutes. This will relieve congestion and help you feel much better.

Avoid mucous forming foods such as:

Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream

(at least until you are sure that the congestion has completely cleared up and not coming back)

Drink a lot of plain hot water to flush out whatever needs to be flushed out.

Take some vit c, and take some echinacea drops (12 drops, 5 x daily)