Sutra Journal


Sutra Journal is a free online magazine featuring in depth information on Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra and Buddhism from a Dharmic point of view.

It was co-created in 2015 with my two partners – Virochana Khalsa and Vikram Zutshi. (I was still known as Lea Horvatic back then.)

Yoga arose and exists within the Dharma, which is a set of timeless teachings, holistic in nature, covering the gamut from the worldly to the metaphysical, from science to art to ritual, incorporating Vedanta, Tantra, Buddhism, Ayurveda, and other dimensions of what has been brought forward by the Indian civilization.

Sutra Journal aims to cover all this and to extend the conversation, involving more and more people who are also looking for depth of discussion on this wide ranging set of interconnected subjects, towards their own process of individuation. Extending this conversation even further will in the future involve conferences, online courses, retreats, and yatras to India.

Sutra Journal is a platform for diverse voices. Our consulting editors Dr. Jeffery D. Long, Dr. Christopher Chappel and author of American Veda, Philip Goldberg brought an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to this venture. Our Seva Council members Dr. Stuart Sovatsky and Dr. Richard Miller shared their equally deep and holistic approach to tying together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human condition, both towards healing and self-development.

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