How to Stay Sane in these times of COVID-19

I hope you are all starting to settle into this new situation since we’ve moved into social isolation here in the UK. In fact, I’ve realized the other day that this term is a misnomer – we are NOT in social isolation in fact – we are just in a physical isolation! The social aspectContinue reading “How to Stay Sane in these times of COVID-19”


A friend asked yesterday what I’m letting go of that day (I’m in the middle of my spring cleanse, external and internal), and my answer was Co-dependency. And this morning I opened up my eyes with a realisation that my sweetest doggie Daisy is my most veritable teacher that came to teach me this.She’s co-dependencyContinue reading “Codependency”

Coronavirus – Tips to Build Resilience Naturally – Holistic Approach

It’s been a crazy week. From grounded international flights here in the UK and panic stock-piling of basic staples, quarantines in the EU, school closures and cancelled sports seasons, the world is in some turmoil and enveloped in fear! Here are some key tips I’d like to share with you: The fear has spread fasterContinue reading “Coronavirus – Tips to Build Resilience Naturally – Holistic Approach”

New Season – New Start

Coronavirus – how to improve your immune function naturally without supplements The Art of Living in Thrive Fast-track your wellness with Yoga DETOX (for the busy 21st Century) Flush the body of toxic build-up, and restore physical strength, mental clarity and emotional ease before heading into the new season. Learn how to create space and ease in your daily goings-on, and drastically reduce stress from yourContinue reading “New Season – New Start”

Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise

Look at these beauties! I found them on my walk this morning. The true heralds of Spring – signaling that winter is coming to a close – and the spring is almost here!Days are getting longer and longer, and sunrises brighter and more colourful each day. This winter has been particularly hard on so manyContinue reading “Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise”

The Story of Two Wolves

When I was growing up I had two grandmothers. One was a sweet loving dependent type, who relied on her husband for everything as she was a stay-at-home wife and mother. The other one fought in WW2 alongside men (this was 1940’s! Women simply didn’t do things like that at that time), was of highContinue reading “The Story of Two Wolves”

How to cultivate Self-Compassion

To embrace and live a long life, compassion towards yourself may be one of the most important tools. Compassion allows you to digest and integrate suffering. You will not be able to escape suffering, but you will be able to weave that pain into a beautiful tapestry called life.  Once you have given yourself spaceContinue reading “How to cultivate Self-Compassion”

How do you invest in yourself?

It always surprises me that people don’t bat an eyelid when investing  £6k or even a £24k into a car, but go all funny at the prospect of investing a fraction of that cost into their health! Really?? I mean, there are zillion cars out there, and you can get a brand new model everyContinue reading “How do you invest in yourself?”

Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?

Are you living intentionally or are you on constant auto-pilot?Is your life spinning out as it may while you are not in your driver’s seat?Are you a subject to other’s pace or are you acting exclusively from your centre, each day?Are you actively co-creating with the Universe?Or are you a victim of life’s ups &Continue reading “Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?”