Wellness Coaching with Ayurveda

Ageing can be such a fun process!

Feeling young, vital and energized, with glowing skin, joyful and clear, creative, fulfilled and passionate about living.

Or it can be pretty dull, miserable and painful,  a burden.

The truth is, we chose the path, consciously or unconsciously. Either way, it was our choice. 

And yes, sometimes stuff happens, and we have to go through it. But planning for calamities as the inevitable is planning for the worst to actually happen. It will happen. 

On the other end, taking intentional action to rewrite your future pays huge and lasting benefits!

Ayurveda is a 6000 year old perennial tradition that co-arose with yoga in India. And where yoga focused mainly on using the body as the path toward spiritual freedom, Ayurvedic teachings were centered around keeping this body that we have in tip top condition, so that we can stay robust, strong and vital until ripe old age, to maximize on our experience here on this Divine Earth.

After all, if your mind is focused solely on tiredness, aches and pains of your day, and things you ‘must’ do, there is little left for joy, creativity, empowerment and fun.

Learning to live in tune with nature’s rhythms, and to truly understand your body’s processes will empower you. 

Take charge if those niggly pains and aches, sleep, digestive or hormonal issues point the way to growing suffering. It doesn’t have to be that way!

You will wind back time, Reverse the Ageing Process, even get another chance at undoing all those little things that started to niggle in the background, and discover the source of ever growing Vitality, Radiant Youthful Skin, Consistent Energy, Inner Harmony and JOY.

THIS is a new chapter of your Life!


Are you ready to commit to New You and to the new and better experience of life than you’ve ever dreamed possible?

Get in touch to find out more.

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What makes working with Cece different from working other wellness coaches? 

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