Why Chose Cece as Your Coach

You may be wondering…. Cece, what makes Alchemy of Eternal Beauty different from other wellness programs? 

The Alchemy of Eternal Beauty program incorporates:

  • My unique coaching style based in philosophy of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old tradition from India that focuses on helping people stay well and age gracefully
  • Methodologies from modern neuroscience and behavioral science to build habits that stick  
  • The intense pace tailored to bring you results you desire
  • The accountability you need to make small shifts that result in big, positive changes over time

Alchemy of Eternal Beauty is different because: 

  • These Feminine Practices originate from the holistic science of Ayurveda and have been time tested over thousands of years. 
  • These Practices and Tools are simple and don’t require you to invest in any fancy equipment or overhaul your entire life. 
  • Learn how to nurture your body from inside out, and from outside in, for your perfect health, vitality and beauty.
  • Information isn’t enough. Moving from a positive intention to change to a positive daily practice takes more than knowing what you “should” do. Personal support and accountability is the key to evolving your practices in real way and in real time. That’s why Cece will coach you one-on-one throughout the program. 
  • The emphasis is on progress, not perfection. You’ll be encouraged to make small, incremental and systematic changes, rather than being asked to do it all perfectly straight form the start. You have a whole life ahead of you to make steps toward perfection. I want you to be easeful from the start – and to start to shift your wellness and your beauty in the right direction from the day one.
  • It’s an investment in a process you’ll practice again and again and get better at each time. Alchemy of Eternal Beauty provides the format for you to uplevel your health and your beauty continuously, for the rest of your days. 
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