Holidays & Our Money Story

The Holidays can be wonderful, joyful, emotional, wonderful, stressful, beautiful, intense & peaceful. They can stir up so much!  There’s so much beauty and so much baggage with the Holiday time. As we head into Holiday season, we all do different things. Some of us really check out, some of us overeat, overspend, some ofContinue reading “Holidays & Our Money Story”

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have never been really crazy about Christmas. Yea, I know, for many of you out there this may sound like a sacrilege! No offence meant! Seriously, even as a kid, with all the fuss, and the tinselled tree (which kinda lost its charm for me by the age of 5), and the presents, andContinue reading “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

Are you taking any supplements currently?

Are you taking any supplements currently? The following information may really shock you! First, let me tell you – It’s fab if you are! It shows that you are: a) keen to look after yourself well b) keen to do your own research into empowered practices of getting and staying well! Now, there’s a bitContinue reading “Are you taking any supplements currently?”

Trouble Sleeping?

I love heavy bed covers! I discovered their magic years ago when after buying a light duvet, I’ve spent the night quite restless and had poor sleep. I did some digging and discovered a correlation between the weight of the bed covers, the quality of sleep, & our parasympathetic nervous system. PNS, our ‘rest &Continue reading “Trouble Sleeping?”

What kept you awake last night?

What kept you awake last night? What thoughts were racing through your brain while you were trying to sleep? Before I started nurturing myself deeply through daily Ayurvedic self-care practices so as to embody Vibrant Energy and Thrive, I was kept up night after night by this awful feeling of TIME SLIPPING AWAY from me,Continue reading “What kept you awake last night?”

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality. How much do you see spirituality to be part of your life, your process? Your personal wellbeing , your professional wellbeing, your physical wellbeing, and your relational wellbeing?  For me, spirituality is at the root of all that I do, and all that I have, give, feel and experience.  Now, what spirituality looks forContinue reading “What is Spirituality?”

Radical Self-Confidence

Radical Self-Confidence, and radical Health and Wellbeing are ONLY possible when we have a Radical Self-Care Routine. These Daily Habits of self care go beyond the usual recommendation and what our parents taught us – eating 5 portions of veg a day, going to the gym, or jogging or attending classes, taking vitamins and treatingContinue reading “Radical Self-Confidence”

What is your predominant state of mind right now?

Sattva is the state of mind where the mind expands beyond all the daily chatter of worry, stress, chores, and the small stuff. Your ability to concentrate and the ability to shift back into calm state expand. You feel self-confident. You enjoy sound sleep. You have healthy cravings. Your energy is even and sustained throughContinue reading “What is your predominant state of mind right now?”

Ginger is the best remedy for colds

Staying healthy and getting healthy without resorting to over the counter medicines and antibiotics should be our priority. Here are a few things you can do to boost your immunity and quickly recover from cold or flu at home. Drink ginger tea, take a bath infused with ginger and bicarb soda (put 1/3 cup ofContinue reading “Ginger is the best remedy for colds”