Ayurvedic Winter Foods

Dry/rough skin, back/joint pain, constipation, wind and bloating, and cold hands and feet are caused by Vata season. Because of this dryness we produce more mucus, a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. 5 food groups to counteract this drying effect: Root and Ground veg – squashes, beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes – heavy, dense,Continue reading “Ayurvedic Winter Foods”

Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for an Ayurvedic Detox

Autumn is a season of transition, perfect for a gentle detox to reset body and mind and prime your system for winter wellness. Instead of automatic ‘buckle up and get back to work’ mode, switch into acknowledging that we are overly busy, slowing down and restoring the body – before the schedule takes over completely.Continue reading “Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for an Ayurvedic Detox”

Are You Struggling With Tiredness? If So You Are Not Alone – MP3 download

Are you struggling with tiredness? Are you waking up tired each day, hitting the snooze button, wishing for just a few more minutes in bed? Are you constantly having to resort to stimulants such as tea, coffee, coke,  sugary snacks – just to get you through the day? Are you having trouble falling asleep, orContinue reading “Are You Struggling With Tiredness? If So You Are Not Alone – MP3 download”

Intermittent Movement

I came across the term ‘sedentary disease’ around mid 80’s. There was a lot of talk about it then. There is even more talk, and more thorough research about it now – and the situation is worsening with each passing year. Most of us work at a desk job, that is an 8 hour workContinue reading “Intermittent Movement”

How to Heal Your Mind with Health Habits of Ayurveda & Yoga

There is a great pain and anguish when you suffer in anxiety; a rollercoaster of mood swings, all-pervasive fears, and deep shadowy heavy depression. Maybe that’s you, or you may recognise someone else who suffers this pain. If you are in any way a progressive thinker, you’ve tried your utmost to make an improvement toContinue reading “How to Heal Your Mind with Health Habits of Ayurveda & Yoga”

Ama – a build up of toxic waste

In Ayurveda, anything undigested in the body is known as ama. Ama can be anything we take in – from the food we eat, the thoughts we think, our unprocessed emotions or experiences. Undigested food, or food that isn’t properly digested, assimilated and absorbed well, and cellular waste that isn’t removed efficiently, builds up asContinue reading “Ama – a build up of toxic waste”

Mastering the Art of Time Management

Here’s some questions for you:  Are you always busy and have no time? Do you find it hard to be productive? Can’t seem to balance your work and life? Do you control your day or do you simply react to it? Or to put it another way—how often do you feel like all you didContinue reading “Mastering the Art of Time Management”

A Resonance between Two Models – Ramesh Balsekar & Leonard Cohen: Part Two

Originally posted on janeadamsart:
In my previous post, I abridged the full transcript of Ramesh Balsekar’s conversation with Leonard Cohen in early 1999, because it was very long.  Here are the missing bits, including Ramesh’s teaching on Satori.  For the dialogue to run smoothly, I have retained some of the exchanges in Part One. ..  Ramesh…

A Resonance between Two Models – Leonard Cohen & Ramesh Balsekar

Originally posted on janeadamsart:
Read more of this conversation Part Two During my visit to Ramesh in Mumbai, in early 1999, I witnessed the following conversation with Leonard Cohen, and bought the tape. After I got home, I made this transcript: Ramesh – You live in a Zen monastery, I am told? Leonard – That’s correct, yes. For how…