Return to Love:

Deep transformational coaching and mentoring program to reconnect to your inner guidance, reignite your passion, discover your purpose, and create your dream life!

So being YOU is the best thing in your life again!


I’m here to help you have crystal clarity and confidence about your purpose, and create a specific plan to get there.

Right now, your job is to get clear on your specific goals and develop the confidence, passion and intuition to create your dream life in a big way. 

This is your opportunity to wake up each day feeling clear, confident, and most importantly, excited to follow a spiritually aligned action plan that will turn your dream into your daily reality.

This unique Program is for you if you are serious and committed about improving the overall quality of your life by focusing on 3 areas of Mastery: personal, relationships & career/business!

“I learned how to have courage to say YESSS to my passion! Cece saw in me what was possible, and how I could be successful. I let go of all the past notions of what was possible for me and I could imagine a different way of being. I made the decision to say yes to my purpose and yes to my passion!”

~ Victoria

“Having worked with several counselors, therapists and coaches in the past, I can attest with confidence that Cece’s mentoring and coaching was by far the most effective in helping me in my personal and professional journey. She has truly inspired me and opened my eyes !”

~ Carla

Cece LaCena embodies the energy of Joy, Love and Passion for Life, and shares it fearlessly. She cuts through the bs and unapologetically insists that you recognize the beauty that’s within you. It’s there. She sees you, hears you, loves you and shines a light so that you can see it within you too. Her warmth and love radiate from her, and you can feel it embrace you even through a video call. I love her and am beginning to love me, and my life too!


To live Passionately, with Clarity & Purpose and design her Dream Life

  • So over of being stuck in meager ‘slow lane’
  • Unsure how to create a plan to move forward
  • Ready to trade in your current “nice” life for the spectacular, spiritually-aligned path of living out your purpose in a much bigger way
  • Anything BUT clear and confident in who you are, what you desire and what unique gifts you have to offer the world
  • A complete stranger to that little girl you once were with BIG DREAMS of incredible life, who knew anything is possible

I was there once too, feeling completely disenchanted with my life.

Worst of all, I feared the future filled with more of this feeling, and this sameness and monotony, and yet I couldn’t see the way out, what else was out there for me. Or how to find it.

All I really knew was that I wanted to wake up each day feeling clear, on a mission, purposeful and confident, and to have a clear and well defined action plan which will always be aligned with who I really was.

You no longer need to endure the devastation of struggling to “figure it out” alone or stumbling with a coach who doesn’t get you!

The moment my life changed forever was the moment I made the decision…TO GET CLEAR ON MY LIFE PURPOSE NO MATTER WHAT

I stopped settling for lack of clarity. After years of mistakes, challenges and what seemed like dead ends…I finally began living my life the way I had always envisioned.

I learned to really love myself, and fall in love with life completely. I healed my mind and body. I let love back into my heart. I even found my true life’s calling and was finally able to create the kind of lifestyle, income and impact I desired.

You can do it too. 

  • Break the spell of other people’s old-fashion rules and beliefs so you can freely create your true desires
  • Become clear on the glorious details of your unique life and create next steps to achieve it
  • Be guided to reconnect to your soul so that you experience the daily miracles that come from living your purpose
  • Dispel once and for all any doubts, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that have held a grip over you and your best life
  • Develop your unique daily system to connect with your self and your own unique needs to become who you were always meant to be
  • Rebalance and optimize your physical body so it can support you through change and evolution
  • Gain unshakable confidence to get that pay rise, find a dream job where you are compensated, respected and challenged or find the courage to reinvent yourself and change career or start a business

“This Program was such a blessing! The way Cece coaches and presents the material opened my eyes to the endless possibilities within myself and my life. Cece brings truth, wisdom, and love to her coaching! I was able to leave the program feeling totally confident of my life’s direction.”

~ Emma 

“This Program went beyond and above my expectations! In this program I was able to see myself for who the Source created me to be! A limitless being! A co-creator with the Universe! Cece truly opened my eyes to a dimension I never knew existed. I am now very clear about what I TRULY desire; and that is a life of SIGNIFICANCE. I am loving the life I’m creating”

~ Sarah

“I learned how to have courage to say YESSS to my passion! Cece saw in me what was possible, and how I could be successful. I let go of all the past notions of what was possible for me and I could imagine a different way of being. I made the decision to say yes to my purpose and yes to my passion!”

~ Victoria

  • Meet the inner power that will change your relationship with what’s possible for you
  • Shift your perception into the kind of big thinking that guides you to go on that adventure, launch that dream project, or finally reactivate your online dating profile
  • Create your own intimate relationship with Source/God/Universe so that you never second-guess yourself or compare yourself to others again
  • Permanently change how you see what’s possible for your life, the world and your role in it
  • Become the best version of yourself and raise your standards so that you never settle for less than what you deserve again
  • Understand how your family, religion, and society literally programmed you to function unconsciously based on their (also mostly unconscious) beliefs and values
  • Get clear on the specific unconscious beliefs that stop you from taking inspired action consistently and joyfully and release them for good!
  • Never again be paralyzed with fear of “What will people think?” “Will they like me?” or “Am I good enough?” and instead have the tools to turn any of that around in a flash
  • Be filled with gratitude that you are finally clear and confident about your purpose
  • Create your solid action plan for moving forward with your next 90-days 

Select a payment option and check out below.

90 Day Private Coaching Package

What you’ll get

Initial Assessment

In the initial consultation call I’ll find out more about you, and find out what’s really going on in your life. You’ll also learn more about your own personal Ayurvedic constitution and personality type so that you can begin to have a deeper insight into your being. We will explore what you can do to practically improve your life, and we’ll do some actual coaching exercises. This session is 90 minutes long.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

11 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching calls over Zoom.

Action Plan

Customized homework and reading recommendations to best serve you in reaching your goals


A wide range of powerful and effective coaching tools designed by your coach to use straight away!


Recording of each coaching session to re-watch as often as you’d like.

BONUS Support

BONUS #1: Email support between sessions.

BONUS #2: Priority response for a maximum of 3 x 20min emergency sessions throughout the 12 weeks whenever you need it.


A: Great question!

If you’re ready to release your unconscious beliefs about what you “should” be doing and get SUPER clear on what you actually DESIRE and are called to do, if you’re ready to stop normalizing survival mode and the unfulfilled life, and if you’re ready to gain unshakeable confidence in your vision and design a lifestyle that makes you truly excited to get out of bed every morning… then this is for you!

Ultimately, if you have a dream, even one that is buried deep inside you, a can-do attitude, coachable mindset, and are ready to SHOW UP for yourself and your desires, this Program is the perfect introduction to your EXTRAORDINARY life!

Q: What happens when I enroll?

A: As soon as I am notified of your enrollment, I will send you a confirmation email with Initial Packet so that you can prepare yourself for our first Initial Assessment Coaching Call. You will complete your Welcome Packet to tell me your story and open up to transformation.

I will also check with you when is the best time for us to speak on the phone to arrange dates and times of our forthcoming coaching calls.


A: I can guarantee that it will never feel like the “right time” to break out of your comfort zone and begin the journey to your BEST LIFE. It comes down to the decision to do so. I would definitely act now while I’m offering this exclusive offer and limited-time bonuses! Plus I don’t know that this exact offer will be available again. (I tend to change things up!)


A: If you follow the coaching, show up, and put in the work, you can definitely make your investment pay back in dividends! You’ve seen the client stories throughout the page and there’s no reason why you can’t have the same experience or success (if not greater!). The real question is, what’s the cost of you not investing in yourself, discovering your true purpose, and creating a life that brings you joy and abundance? What will it cost you to not receive the help, guidance, support, and coaching?

I work on a personal basis. I’m here to get you clear on exactly how this Program will advance your on-purpose lifestyle and career dreams.

Schedule your private call with me, and explore how stepping into this mentorship will help you transform your life to unprecedented level.

Cece provided me with exactly what I was looking for in a coach: a safe sounding board, a voice of encouragement and the ability to see things from a new perspective. Some of the very early conversations we had still resonate with me today. Cece is personable, funny and knows how to get to the heart of whatever challenge you face.

~ Jemma

Would you like to become like those other women who worked with me?

It’s your turn to make a choice!

  • Release your unconscious beliefs about “what you should be doing” and allow yourself create the LIFE you actually DESIRE! I’ll help you get other people’s voices out of your head and clear up those uninvestigated beliefs about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do.
  • No longer feel helpless, waiting for your dreams to magically appear while really knowing they won’t happen. Big news: you don’t need anyone’s permission to live out your life’s purpose and create your best life. This program will connect you with your confidence and open up glorious, grown-up opportunities for you!
  • Stop normalizing survival mode and settling for the unfulfilled life! If you approach life like it’s this endless, draining struggle, it always will be! Time for women to break the cycle and step out of our self-made “prisons.” You’ll wonder why you wasted so much time thinking life was meant to be hard.
  • Understand that living your life purpose will be the opportunity for you to transform your self-worth. It will turn the tide on how you prioritize your own needs. That also means healing your relationship with money and TIME. And your relationship with others. With my help you’ll be one of the privileged few who understands the true meaning of self-love and abundance.
  • Create an unshakeable spiritual connection so that self-doubt, difficulty or disappointment never divert you away from your vision! You’re so much stronger than you think you are. In this program I will show you how to overcome any thoughts that are standing in your way with help from your Source.
  • Design a lifestyle that makes you truly excited to get out of bed every morning, and inspires everyone you meet! Say goodbye to monotony, feeling bored by your surroundings, your social calendar and the contents of your closet. Whether your ideal lifestyle includes winters in Bali, or a two-week hike through French Alps, you’ll learn how to say YES to everything that makes your heart sing!

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES,” “YES” AND “YES” AGAIN, and if you’re feeling more excited with each moment that passes, then click below to start NOW!

Back to cringing at waking up each morning and going through your predictable monotonous routine, feeling completely unfulfilled and settling for this dull existence.


ACT NOW and I’ll mentor you on this path!

This coaching program will permanently change how you see what’s possible for your life, the world and your role in it.

Because you aren’t ordinary.

It’s our great honor and privilege at this time on the planet to be the generation of women who have been called to RISE and start living on PURPOSE once again.

Let’s change your life together.

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