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If you want to work with me, one-on-one, to reframe the way you treat yourself, to heal your inner child in a supportive and non-judgmental space, and reprogram limiting self-beliefs that are holding you back from being all that you are, follow the link below to get on a free call.

I’ll meet you right where you are at and help you reach that next level of your growth and healing. It’s okay to want and need support to get there – most of us do.

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“Working with Cece transformed my life completely! If you are looking for a wise, experienced, kind, and compassionate Mentor, someone to expertly guide you through the most difficult inner and outer terrain, she is your Coach!”

~ Samantha

“Having worked with several counselors, therapists and coaches in the past, I can attest with confidence that Cece’s mentoring and coaching was by far the most effective in helping me in my personal and professional journey. She has truly inspired me and opened my eyes! I feel centered, empowered and have found a deep well of passion and inspiration in my heart. I simply love my life now!”

~ Carla

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