What kept you awake last night?

What kept you awake last night? What thoughts were racing through your brain while you were trying to sleep? Before I started nurturing myself deeply through daily Ayurvedic self-care practices so as to embody Vibrant Energy and Thrive, I was kept up night after night by this awful feeling of TIME SLIPPING AWAY from me,Continue reading “What kept you awake last night?”

How to Heal Your Mind with Health Habits of Ayurveda & Yoga

There is a great pain and anguish when you suffer in anxiety; a rollercoaster of mood swings, all-pervasive fears, and deep shadowy heavy depression. Maybe that’s you, or you may recognise someone else who suffers this pain. If you are in any way a progressive thinker, you’ve tried your utmost to make an improvement toContinue reading “How to Heal Your Mind with Health Habits of Ayurveda & Yoga”

Cultivating Prana – our Vital Force

“Prana is the Vital Force which causes the inert assemblage of tissues known as the body to live, and causes body, mind and spirit to be strung together like pearls on the string.” ~ Dr Robert Svoboda What is Prana Prana permeates all reality on all levels including inanimate objects. Prana is a Universal Consciousness,Continue reading “Cultivating Prana – our Vital Force”

How to HEAL YOUR MIND with the 10 Habits of Yogis

You’ve tried your utmost to make an improvement to ‘those days’. Until the day seeps into your week, month, year, and the heart silently weeps, in spite of the smile on your face. Would it be possible to heal your mind with the 10 Habits of Yogis?