How to Stay Sane in these times of COVID-19

I hope you are all starting to settle into this new situation since we’ve moved into social isolation here in the UK. In fact, I’ve realized the other day that this term is a misnomer – we are NOT in social isolation in fact – we are just in a physical isolation! The social aspectContinue reading “How to Stay Sane in these times of COVID-19”

New Season – New Start

Coronavirus – how to improve your immune function naturally without supplements The Art of Living in Thrive Fast-track your wellness with Yoga DETOX (for the busy 21st Century) Flush the body of toxic build-up, and restore physical strength, mental clarity and emotional ease before heading into the new season. Learn how to create space and ease in your daily goings-on, and drastically reduce stress from yourContinue reading “New Season – New Start”

Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise

Look at these beauties! I found them on my walk this morning. The true heralds of Spring – signaling that winter is coming to a close – and the spring is almost here!Days are getting longer and longer, and sunrises brighter and more colourful each day. This winter has been particularly hard on so manyContinue reading “Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise”

Are you taking any supplements currently?

Are you taking any supplements currently? The following information may really shock you! First, let me tell you – It’s fab if you are! It shows that you are: a) keen to look after yourself well b) keen to do your own research into empowered practices of getting and staying well! Now, there’s a bitContinue reading “Are you taking any supplements currently?”

Trouble Sleeping?

I love heavy bed covers! I discovered their magic years ago when after buying a light duvet, I’ve spent the night quite restless and had poor sleep. I did some digging and discovered a correlation between the weight of the bed covers, the quality of sleep, & our parasympathetic nervous system. PNS, our ‘rest &Continue reading “Trouble Sleeping?”

Radical Self-Confidence

Radical Self-Confidence, and radical Health and Wellbeing are ONLY possible when we have a Radical Self-Care Routine. These Daily Habits of self care go beyond the usual recommendation and what our parents taught us – eating 5 portions of veg a day, going to the gym, or jogging or attending classes, taking vitamins and treatingContinue reading “Radical Self-Confidence”

What is your predominant state of mind right now?

Sattva is the state of mind where the mind expands beyond all the daily chatter of worry, stress, chores, and the small stuff. Your ability to concentrate and the ability to shift back into calm state expand. You feel self-confident. You enjoy sound sleep. You have healthy cravings. Your energy is even and sustained throughContinue reading “What is your predominant state of mind right now?”

Ginger is the best remedy for colds

Staying healthy and getting healthy without resorting to over the counter medicines and antibiotics should be our priority. Here are a few things you can do to boost your immunity and quickly recover from cold or flu at home. Drink ginger tea, take a bath infused with ginger and bicarb soda (put 1/3 cup ofContinue reading “Ginger is the best remedy for colds”

Ayurvedic Winter Foods

Dry/rough skin, back/joint pain, constipation, wind and bloating, and cold hands and feet are caused by Vata season. Because of this dryness we produce more mucus, a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. 5 food groups to counteract this drying effect: Root and Ground veg – squashes, beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes – heavy, dense,Continue reading “Ayurvedic Winter Foods”

Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for an Ayurvedic Detox

Autumn is a season of transition, perfect for a gentle detox to reset body and mind and prime your system for winter wellness. Instead of automatic ‘buckle up and get back to work’ mode, switch into acknowledging that we are overly busy, slowing down and restoring the body – before the schedule takes over completely.Continue reading “Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for an Ayurvedic Detox”