New Season – New Start

Coronavirus – how to improve your immune function naturally without supplements The Art of Living in Thrive Fast-track your wellness with Yoga DETOX (for the busy 21st Century) Flush the body of toxic build-up, and restore physical strength, mental clarity and emotional ease before heading into the new season. Learn how to create space and ease in your daily goings-on, and drastically reduce stress from yourContinue reading “New Season – New Start”

Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise

This winter has been particularly hard on so many people!  So many suffered with sore throats, prolonged or recurrent colds or flu, coughs, chest infections, worsened asthma – and trouble sleeping, anxiety and feeling down through all those dark days and nights that seemed to go on forever. NOW SPRING OFFERS A NEW RHYTHM TO ATTUNE TO. In yogaContinue reading “Seasonal Ayurvedic Detox: Simplify, Clarify, Lighten, Revitalise, Energise”

Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for an Ayurvedic Detox

Autumn is a season of transition, perfect for a gentle detox to reset body and mind and prime your system for winter wellness. Instead of automatic ‘buckle up and get back to work’ mode, switch into acknowledging that we are overly busy, slowing down and restoring the body – before the schedule takes over completely.Continue reading “Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for an Ayurvedic Detox”