How do you invest in yourself?

It always surprises me that people don’t bat an eyelid when investing  £6k or even a £24k into a car, but go all funny at the prospect of investing a fraction of that cost into their health! Really?? I mean, there are zillion cars out there, and you can get a brand new model everyContinue reading “How do you invest in yourself?”

Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?

Are you living intentionally or are you on constant auto-pilot?Is your life spinning out as it may while you are not in your driver’s seat?Are you a subject to other’s pace or are you acting exclusively from your centre, each day?Are you actively co-creating with the Universe?Or are you a victim of life’s ups &Continue reading “Are you living intentionally or are you on auto-pilot?”

Ginger is the best remedy for colds

Staying healthy and getting healthy without resorting to over the counter medicines and antibiotics should be our priority. Here are a few things you can do to boost your immunity and quickly recover from cold or flu at home. Drink ginger tea, take a bath infused with ginger and bicarb soda (put 1/3 cup ofContinue reading “Ginger is the best remedy for colds”